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gud Fragrance Collection - "You inhale it. You feel awesome. You bet your double rainbow it's called güd. Find the scent that floats your flotilla the most: Super exuberant Orange Petalooza, girly-girl Floral Cherrynova, or seductive Vanilla Flame."

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Fragrance House güd from Burt's Bees
Introduced March 2012
Scents Available Floral Cherrynova | Orange Petalooza | Vanilla Flame | Pearanormal Activity | Mango Moonbreeze
Available Products Bath and Body Collection - Body: Mist, Lotion, Butter, Wash
Hand: Cream, Soap; Hair: Shampoo, Conditioner

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Bath & Body Scents

gud Mango Moonbreeze fragrances
Mango Moonbreeze
"Mango Moonbreeze is a rare scent combo of jasmine and island mango. One slather of lotion or lather of shampoo will conjure up a hammock swaying between two palm trees. Climb aboard, so you and this luscious scent can mingle, then drift off into a Moonbreeze snooze." (12/2013)
gud Floral Cherrynova, bath and body fragrances
Floral Cherrynova
"Cherry blossom and almond milk. A little bit girly. A little bit surly. From hand shaking to hand kissing in one saucy, scented second. Let the soft, pink fragrance of Japanese cherry blossoms and creamy almond milk make you-ey even prettier than you-ey already are. Sweetly floral, without being too sweet."
gud Orange Petalooza, bath and body fragrances
Orange Petalooza
"Blood orange flower and hyacinth. It's poetry. The beat kind where everyone snaps at the end. We bottled 'woooHooo!' so you can spritz it whenever the mood for woohooing strikes. Now go hug it out with someone so they can smell the exhilarating high notes of hyacinth and blood orange, you plucky girl, you. Totally unique take on citrus."
gud Vanilla Flame, bath and body fragrances
Vanille Flame
"Vanilla and rice milk. Smell like an angel. (Not to be confused with acting like one. When vanilla meets rice milk it's, well, not so vanilla anymore. Spray the exotic scent of rice milk and vanilla into the air. Walk into the scent. Turn the lights down low. Enough said. Seductive and mysterious."
gud Pearanormal Activity, bath and body fragrances
Pearanormal Activity
"Pear meets acai berry. Noses everywhere are smellbound. When the scent of pear meets açaí berry, noses everywhere drop what they're sniffing and say 'Whoa. What is that? And where can I smell some more?' Fresh and energizing. Like walking in a delicious pear cloud."
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Redbook MVP Award winning fragrance

Redbook MVP Award - 2012 - Most Valuable Products: Best Body Wash & Best Body Lotion

Fragrance Editorials

Gud Bath and Body fragrances
Redbook Magazine - May 2012
Gud Bath and Body Fragrances

Redbook MVP 2012's Most Valuable Products
Add the winners are...

Body & Fragrance - Best Body Wash
Güd Natural Body Wash in Orange Petalooza, $7
Free of harsh chemicals and made with natural skin-soothers such as sunflower oil, this cleanser won by a landslide. "It lathered really well," said Phoebe Lu (dermatologist at Beth Isreal Medical Center NYC). Ali Wentworth (actress) raved that the blood orange scent "smells so clean!"

Body & Fragrance - Best Body Lotion
Güd Natural Body Lotion, $7
"The buttery texture felt so luxe," said Maureen Kelly, founder and CEO of Tarte Cosmetics, of this moisturizer, which contains no parabens, phthalates, or petrochemicals and comes in three yummy scents.

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L'Eau de Chloe
Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial
Güd Natural Body

(Way, Gina. "2012's Most Valuable Products." Redbook May 2012: 74)

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