Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume

Marc Jacobs Dot - eau de toilette for women

Dot by Marc Jacobs - "Meet our new girl, Dot! Dot carries a lush, effervescent floral scent perfect for every eclectic, spontaneous female. Features top notes of red berries, mid notes of jasmine and base notes of driftwood for a bold, feminine scent. The packaging channels Marc's energetic polka dot pattern, with our signature over-sized cap."

Perfume House   Marc Jacobs
Introduced July 2012
Tagline --
Scent Classification Fruity Floral
Perfumer Annie Buzantian and Ann Gottlieb
Fragrance Notes Top - red berries, dragon fruit
Heart - jasmine, honeysuckle, orange blossom
Base - driftwood, coconut water, vanilla, musk
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign Codie Young (model), Juergen Teller (photographer)
Available Products Marc Jacobs Dot - Eau de Toilette 3.4oz / $89
Marc Jacobs Dot - Shower Gel 5.1oz / $40
Marc Jacobs Dot Fragrance Collection
Marc Jacobs Dot Fragrance Collection

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Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
Marc Jacobs - Codie Young, July 2012
Dot Marc Jacobs Perfumes
Dot Marc Jacobs Perfume
Marc Jacobs - July 2012
Marc Jacobs Dot Fragrance
Marc Jacobs Dot Fragrance
Marc Jacobs 2012

Perfume Editorials - Marc Jacobs Dot

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfumes
Harper's Bazaar - Nov 2012
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume

Fragrance Special - Shop More Scents
The Nose Knows - Discover additional essences in our online feature of fall-s finest fragrances. Whether you prefer bold spritzes or ladylike florals, our click-to-buy slide show hits all the right notes.

Marc Jacobs Dot, $68.

Marchesa Parfum d'Extase, $85.

(" Shop More Scents." Harper's Bazaar Nov. 2012: 74)

Marc Jacobs Dot perfume
Allure - Oct 2012
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume

Marc Jacobs - 10 Things Everywoman Should Have
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
"Fragrance is part of the joy of putting together your clothes and saying, 'This is who I am today.'" $69 (

Marc Jacobs has always been fashion's cool kid -- eternally adored in a supremely fickle world. The designer celebrates the individual, especially women with a flair for artistic, even eccentric, self-expression. "I'm a bit of an exhibitionist," he says. "I think most people like attention." Jacobs draws on street-style blogs and music (this season, the Oliver! sound track) for inspiration. He's currently advocating a mix of textures, with dresses in patchwork and lamé. Dr. Seuss-style fur hats, and bell-shaped skirts that draw the eye to the hips. "I trust my instincts," he says. With wardrobe, he says, and life in general, "it's all about freedom of choice."

(Rogers, Patrick. "Fashion Expert: Marc Jacobs." Allure Oct. 2012: 108)

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
InStyle - Sept. 2012
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume

Spot On
Crafting a fragrance is a "design process," says Marc Jacobs. "It requires true inspiration." The lightning strike for his latest creation came from the many patterned and polka-dot pieces he's sent down the runways. "I thought, The dots! They have such energy and exuberance." Savvy noses fine-tuned the sweet berry scent, while Jacobs perfected the bottle's cute butterfly motif. Says Jacobs, "I wanted to make something with spirited charm."

Dot Marc Jacobs, $89 / 3.4 fl. oz.; at Bloomindale's.

See perfumes: Donna Karan Woman, and Kiehl's Aromatic Blends

("Beauty: Fall Fragrance High Notes." InStyle Sept. 2012: 436)

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
Marie Claire - Sept. 2012
Dot Marc Jacobs Perfume

Day in the Life - Marc Jacobs
The multitasking fashion icon lives in New York, where his label is based, and Paris, where he designs for Louis Vuitton. This month he debuts his new scent, Dot.

The Essence of Cool
I work closely with [fragrance powerhouse] Coty on my scents. It's a group effort to reach the spirit I want to evoke.

("Day in the Life: Marc Jacobs." Marie Claire Sept. 2012: 382)

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
Teen Vogue - Sept. 2012
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume

Codie Young
Meet rising model, star and Marc Jacobs' newest face
Amid all the chaos backstage at a fashion show, you may find model Codie Young quietly nestled in a chair with her sketchbook. That's because the Australia native, who began modeling just two years ago after being scouted in a mall, considers herself an artist at heart. ... She never could've imagined that one day her own visage would make an impression on Marc Jacobs, who case the nineteen-year-old for his latest scent, Dot. "I just loved her big eyes and their romance," the designer has said. Within weeks of landing this dream job (the exclusive club of past MJ faces includes Karlie Kloss and Dakota Fanning), Young jetted off to the sun-soacked Maldives to shoot the campaign. ... Smelling the new perfume -- a juicy mix of red berries, dragon fruit, and coconut water -- for the first time was a bit stressful, she recalls. "I was worried I wouldn't like it, because fragrance is so personal. But I love its tropical quality." ... "Shooting with [famed photographer] Juergen Teller was like being on holiday -- a totally relaxed atmosphere!" says Young.

Dot Marc Jacobs eau de parfum, $89 for 3.4 oz.

(J.S.P. "Beauty & Health: Spot On." Teen Vogue Sept. 2012: 190)

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
Teen Vogue - Sept. 2012
Dot Marc Jacobs Perfume

Connect the Dots...
to the new fragrance.
to your fashion future.
for a chance to win a Teen Vogue full day fashion mentorship.

Share your polka dot photos on the Marc Jacobs Fragrances Facebook page and #marcthedot

("Advertisement." Teen Vogue Sept. 2012)

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
Elle - Sept. 2012
Dot Marc Jacobs Perfume

Ready to Wear
There's more to a designer fragrance than scent alone. Here, the recipes for five of the season's hottest house blends.

Dot by Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs may, as he says, "love the classic, eternal nature of polka dots," but he doesn't take them too seriously. His new fragrance, Dot, was inspired by works by Yayoi Kusama, with whom he recently collaborated for Louis Vuitton, as well as by the "whimsical, irreverent" woman he imagines wearing the scent. The eau's pop art-like composition includes "juicy, playful" ladybugs and butterflies: "I wanted it to be quirky."

See also: Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme, Chanel Coco Noir, Donna Karan Woman

(Long, April. "Beauty Inspirations: Ready to Wear." Elle Sept. 2012: 444-452)

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
Glamour - Sept. 2012
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume

And Now a Word from Marc Jacobs
Beauty-talk time! Every woman's fashion idol chats with stylish and Bravo reality star Brad Goreski about cross-dressing, dessert, and Jacob's new scent Dot.

So what's your beauty routine?
Well, I wake up, have a double espesso and a cigarette, then I shower, trim my beard, shave, put gel in my hair, put on [my men's cologne] Bang, and decide which skirt to wear.

Would you say that Dot can be worn by men?
It can be worn by anyone. I wear women's fragrances sometimes. Obviously, I'm not one who has this distinction between masculine and feminine.

His Newest Creation
Marc Jacobs Dot eau de parfum ($89 for 3.4 oz.,

(Goreski, Brad. "Beauty: Beauty Star - Marc Jacobs." Glamour Sept. 2012: 210)

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
Cosmopolitan - Sept. 2012
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume

Seductively Juicy Spritzes
Of all the fall fragrances we studied and sprayed, these are most likely to send a guy into a slightly-obsessed-with-you state of mind.

If you want to smell all Girlie-Girlie
Historically, florals (these have hints of rose, tuberose, and honeysuckle) have been associated with femininity and romance.
-- Coach Poppy Blossom, $65
-- Lancome La Vie Est Belle, $75
-- Marc Jacobs Dot, $69
-- Miss Dior Le Parfum, $82

Beyond smelling amazing, these new perfumes have incredible perks -- starting with the power to make a man want to linger within inches of your body for hours on end.

(Wyar, Leah. "4 Scents No Guy Can Resist." Cosmopolitan Sept. 2012: 238-241)

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume
Allure Magazine - Aug 2012
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume

Smell This - Ladybug
Marc Jacobs is obsessed with polka dots. The pattern was all over his fall 2011 collection, he debuted a spotted collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton, and he named his newest fragrance Dot, which looks to us like a ladybug. We asked Fragrance Foundation members to tell us if the blend of red berry, honeysuckle, and vanilla is well rounded.

"Something is lickable. Sweet notes can be overly sweet, but if balanced with flowers, they're not too much."
--Ann Gottlieb, fragrance consultant

"It has a fruity twist, which is slightly chemical. It's powdery, and it becomes spicy on my skin. Intriguing."
--Frederic Jacques, VP, Fine Fragrances North America

"It's a light floral that would be fantastic on hot days. It smells very sweet on top, and as it dries, it's sexier."
--Linda Levy, VP of marketing, Macy's

Marc Jacobs Dot (

(Owens, Alexandra. "Beauty Reporter: Ladybug." Allure Aug 2012: 44)

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