Swarovski Aura Perfume

Swarovski Aura - eau de parfum for women

Aura by Swarovaki - "Through crystal Swarovski creates an AURA of Light...Aura by Swarovski: a luminescent fragrance. The starting point: the crystal, cut and faceted with Swarovski's exclusive know-how, captures light, diffracts it and sheds it in a thousand and one luminous vibrations. The signature scent of Aura by Swarovski is directly inspired by this magic. At the heart of the fragrance is a prism of energy, a fusion of amber, benzoin, and white musk. Three pure and noble olfactory vibrations become charged with energy, transforming into more intense, luminous rays of clear light." --swarovskibeauty.com

Perfume House Swarovaki
Introduced April 2012 (Europe: March 2011)
Tagline The grace of light.
Scent Classification Fruity Floral
Perfumer Olivier Cresp and Jean-Pierre Bethouart (Clarins Group)
Fragrance Notes Top - lychee, pink pepper
Heart - rose, white tuberose
Base - amber, benzion, white musk
Package Designer Gwenaël Nicolas (Curiosity Agency, Japan
Print/TV Campaign Nadja Swarovski (creative director)
Available Products Swarovaki Aura - Eau de Parfum 1oz, 1.7oz, 3.4oz

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Aura by Swarovski Perfume
Aura by Swarovski Perfume
Swarovaki - Apr 2012
Swarovski Aura Perfume
Swarovski Aura Signorina Perfume
Swarovski Aura Mariage Collection Perfume
Swarovski Aura Collection Mariage

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A Prism - Incandescent Eau de Parfum - Aura by Swarovski
A fruity ray with notes of juicy lychee: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into intense and rosy vibrations of sensual femininity.

A floral ray with notes of pure white tuberose: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into voluptuous vibrations of majestic femininity.

A spicy ray with notes of subtly vibrant pink pepper: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into warm and woody vibrations of mysterious femininity.

A Gracious Bottle
Design by: Gwenael Nicolas (Curiosity Agency, Japan).

Majestic: a unique crystal, specially created for Aura by Swarovski. Spectacular: asymmetrical, faceted to diffract light in dazzling clarity, with nuances that vary subtly depending on the time of day. This singular crystal is set as a jewel atop the bottle, giving it an incomparably sumptuous allure.

The shape of the bottle is streamlined and ultra-modern, sublimely simple. Its architecture resembles a long sheath of gleaming metal that envelops the glass inside, with an opening that allows a ray of light to beam through, revealing the subtle rose color of the fragrance.

In one gracious motion, the woman lifts the metal sheath to release the precious notes of fruit and flower.

Source: www.swarovskibeauty.com (May 2012)

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Swarovski Aura Perfume
Elle Magazine - May 2012
Swarovski Aura Perfume

Elle Beauty - It List
From posy-fresh cheeks to hot-pink peony lips, this month's picks are coming up rosy.

Diamond Girl
Aura by Swarovski is a sparkling scent with an energizing blend of fiery pink pepper, white tuberose, and a punch of lychee.

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(Fodor, Ashley. "Elle Beauty: It List." Elle May 2012: 272)

Swarovski Aura perfume
Marie Claire Magazine - May 2012
Swarovski Aura Perfume

Swarovski Aura Eau de Parfum, $80
Amber, white musk, and lychee dazzle.

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("Liquid Assets." Marie Claire May 2012: 160)

Swarovski Aura Perfume
Allure Magazine - May 2012
Swarovski Aura Perfume

Message in a Bottle
Swarovski's first fragrance, Aura, is a sexy floral with lychee, tuberose, and pink pepper. We asked a few of New York City's top sommeliers to analyze what makes it sparkle.

"It has an exotic fruit - lychee - and spice. It appeals to a younger woman, yet it has depth." --Aldo S.

"It leans toward white flowers - gardenia or jasmine. It's not sultry: it's pure, clean, all-American country." --Juliette P.

"I get rose petal and mint up front. The thing that's hitting me is the white flower: It's youthful, playful." --Dustin W.

(Owens, Alexandra. "Beauty Reporter: Smell This." Allure May 2012: 56.)

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