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Fragrance guide for bath and body collection by Axe.

Updated: 01/07/20

48HR Advanced Protection - Urban - A smoky and sweet scent with warm tobacco and amber notes refreshed with lemon and lime. Advanced Protection gives you a 48 hour odor-free style, effortlessly.

48HR Charge Up - Adrenaline - A sharp, fresh scent to kickstart your day. Iced musk and spicy ginger powered up with red pepper and juicy fig will energize your senses. Charge Up Protection gives a new burst of freshness every time you up your game. 48-hour protection from odor and wetness.

Air - White Label - A fresh blend of lemon, ginger, coconut, and sandalwood notes.

Anarchy for Her - A feminine mix of sparkling fruity notes such as apple and blackberry with soft florals at the heart and a light finish of sandalwood, amber and vanilla. The fragrance is delicate, fun and designed to be used throughout the day.

Anarchy for Him - A rich, spicy fragrance that combines fresh and fruity notes. Blueberry and lavender mix with sweet sandalwood and white amber leave you feeling refreshed.

Apollo - The AXE Apollo fragrance is classically masculine and sophisticated with an addictive fresh combination of crisp sparkling fruits, sage and a creamy, musky background.

Black - This refined and subtle fragrance combines notes of bergamot, rosemary and cedarwood allowing you to make an impression without going over the top.

Black Chill - An energizing fragrance with fresh citrus. Mint, cedar and sandalwood undertones keep you refreshed all day.

Dark Temptation - A subtle, sweet fragrance with a hint of spice. A blend of hot chocolate, amber and red peppercorn.

Essence - A fragrance that captures your light and dark sides. A deep, woody aroma and a hint of oriental spice.

Excite - A woody fragrance with a hint of sweetness. A blend of coconut, hazelnut and caramel notes.

Forest - White Label - A fresh blend of pear, starfruit, driftwood and moss notes.

Fresco - AXE Fresco is a fresh clean fragrance that features cool sage and mandarin to refresh and awaken your senses.

Gold - Signature - A mysterious scent of oud wood and dark vanilla.

Gold Citron - citrus and white woods

Gold Fresh - You're Gold. Stay fresh all day with the scent of Iced Mint and Leather.

Gold Temptation - An exciting blend of green fruits and spicy, sweet notes. Molten chocolate is mixed with fresh citrus and smoky amber for a darkly sweet, masculine scent.

Harmony - A calming and sophisticated fragrance with a masculine mix of citrus, pepper and ginger.

Ice Chill - AXE Ice Chill body spray is a fresh invigorating fragrance that features frozen lemon and eucalyptus. Its crisp eucalyptus notes are composed of a minty, pine scent with a touch of honey blended with cooling lemon notes to refresh and awaken your senses.

Iced Musk & Ginger - Adrenaline - Iced musk and spicy ginger powered up with red pepper and juicy fig. The sharp fresh scent will energize your senses.

Island - Signature - An exotic scent of tangerine, apricot and fig.

Island - White Label - Experience a surge of crushed citrus, fig and coconut notes.

Kilo - A masculine and aromatic fragrance that blends coconut, hazelnut and caramel.

Night - Signature - A mysterious scent of wild lavender, spicy cardamom and sweet praline.

Night - White Label - A cool rush of grapefruit, lavender, cedarwood and praline. For an immaculate clean and the freshest start to your day.

Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla - Signature - Woody scent with a hint of vanilla, layered with juicy mandarin and spicy black pepper.

Peace - An intriguing fragrance with a strong, youthful edge. Zesty freshness, musk and dry woods create a fresh yet warm aroma.

Phoenix - A classic, fruity fragrance featuring lavender, geranium and citrus. Its earthly composition and subtle blend of wood and fruit refresh the senses.

Snake Peel - Look, smell and feel fresh with this deep cleansing body wash. Infused with desert minerls and cacti oils, it exfoliates to remove dirt and dry skin.

Sport Blast - Kick off or end your day with the exhilarating lather and clean, fresh scent of this 2-in-1 men's body and hair wash. Its an invigorating boost to get you energized and smelling great all day - and night.

Tobacco & Amber - Urban - Warm tobacco and amber refreshed with lemon and lime. The smoky and sweet scent will give your style an edge.

You - You've got something. Show it off with the scent of amber woods and spicy cinnamon in this modern, masculine fragrance. Embrace the YOU in you.

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