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Seaside Summer Collection by Bath & Body Works - Bring the summer seaside indoors with this new summertime fragrance collection of bath and body products launched in May 2020. "From inside to seaside," bringing the beach to you with this new fruity floral selection of fragrance mists, scented body lotions, body creams, shower gels, and hand soaps. Summer days of sunshine and sandy beaches await!

Bath & Body Works Seaside Summer Fragrances Island Collection

Seaside Summer Scent Collection

Sunrise Sail
A sun-kissed blend of ocean breeze, blue iris and sparkling citrus. Summer days spent watching the sunrise with the wind in your sails.

Coastal Hydrangeas
A summer bouquet of fresh hydrangeas, ocean mist and golden apple. Summer days spent gathering bouquets of fresh coastal blooms.

Sea Salt & Lavender
A calming, coastal blend of fresh sea salt, blooming lavender and sun-drenched sands. Summer days spent by the sea with a soft lavender breeze.

Boardwalk Taffy
A nostalgic, summertime treat of spun sugar, pink berries and whipped vanilla. Summer days spent strolling the boardwalk with the smell of saltwater taffy in the air.

Beachfront Blanket
A transportive blend of fresh white linen, summer sunrays and soft musk. Summer days spent in the sunshine on a cozy beach blanket.

The Seaside Summer fragrance collection from Bath & Body Works is available in fine fragrance mist, shower gel, and shea body cream ($13.50 - $15.50).

Bath & Body Works Seaside Summer Fragrances Coast Fragrance

Coast Scent Collection

Bath & Body Works Coast
A relaxing blend of sparkling mineral water, seaside lavender and white musk.

The Bath & Body Works Coast fragrance for men collection is available in cologne spray, deodorizing body spray, ultra shea body cream, and 3-in-1 hair, face, and body wash ($14.50 - $39.50).

Bath & Body Works Seaside Summer Fragrances Hand Soaps
Summer Scented Hand Soaps

Gentle Foaming Hand Soap with Essential Oils

Beach Cabana - A warm, beachy blend of jasmine, orange blossom and warm sands
Crystal Waves - A cool, fresh blend of water lotus, white melon and clean musk
Endless Weekend - A feel-good, floral fusion of fresh summer mandarin, sun-kissed magnolia and blue coconut water
Fresh Lavender Mint - A fresh, calming blend of wild lavender, mint leaves and sea spray

Gentle Gel Hand Soap with Essential Oils

Beach Bliss - A seaside blend of ocean breezes, waterflowers and creamy musk
Cotton Candy Skies - A dreamy confection of sun-sweetened orange, strawberry sugar and vanilla bean
Sea Salt & Lime - A beachside blend of chilled lime, fresh eucalyptus and sea salt

Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

Blueberry Lemonade - A refreshing and zesty blend of sugared lemonade, blueberries and crushed ice
Boardwalk Vanilla Cone - A sweet, carnival-inspired blend of marshmallow fluff, vanilla bean and creamy caramel
Crisp Morning Air - An exhilarating breath of fresh pine, juniper and juicy pear
Island Papaya - A whisk-you-off-to-the-tropics mix of tropical coconut, fresh papaya and sugarcane
Pineapple Mango - A tropical mixer of fresh pineapple juice, mango and vine-ripened raspberry
SHELL YEAH Peach Passionfruit - A juicy blend of passionfruit and peach plumeria
SO FINTASTIC Jawsome - A fintastic, ocean-y blend of golden apricot, blue orchid petals and coral sands
Turquoise Waters - A calming blend of bergamot, day lily and sea spray

The Bath & Body Works Seaside Summer Collection is available in gentle foaming hand soap or gentle gel hand soap formulas ($7.50 - $8.50).

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(Source:, May 2020)

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