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Summer Moments Collection by Bath & Body Works - "Bring those summer moments home" with this fresh flowers and beachside inspired home fragrance collection launched May 2020. Fill your home with the aroma of summertime with these floral fruity and beach-y scents available in scented candles and scented oils.

Bath & Body Works Summer Fragrances

The scented Bath & Body Works Summer Moments Collection is available in soy-based wax candles with lead-free wicks in 3-wick or single wick sizes, and scented oil refills - all made with essential oils.

Summer Moments Candle Collection

Berry Waffle Cone
Sweet Summer Berries, Golden Waffle Cone, Creamy Vanilla. It's time to scoop up your favorite summertime treat!

Summer Boardwalk
Caramel-Glazed Popcorn, Warm Taffy-Apples, Salty Sweet Cream. Be transported to warm summer days with this nostalgic, sweet scent.

Turquoise Waters
Coastal Waves, Sparkling Bergamot, Sun-Drenched Musk. As refreshing as a warm ocean breeze.

Coastal Sun
Fresh Mandarin Oranges, White Jasmine Petals, Soft Sandalwood. Craving a walk on the beach? Just light this warm, citrusy candle.

Sandcastles & Sunshine
Salted Starfruit, Ocean Mist, White Driftwood. Make it beach day, every day with this fruity, salty scent.

Ocean Driftwood
Beachside Oak, Sea-Washed Mahogany, Ocean Lavender. A little woodsy. A little beachy. Everything you love in a refreshing candle.

Bath & Body Works Summer Candles

All New Summer Candles from Bath & Body Works

The Bath & Body Works candles are crafted from a soybean, paraffin, and palm oil wax blend infused with essential oils. All candles feature a lead-free wick. The single wick candles burn for 25-45 hours and sell for $14.50 (7 oz.) while 3-wick candles sell for $24.50 (14.5 oz.).

3-Wick Candles
Berry Waffle Cone
Black Cherry Merlot - Dark Cherry, Black Raspberry, Sumptuous Merlot
Champagne Toast / You Are Loved - Bubbly Champagne, Sparkling Berries, Sweet Orange
Chocolate Rose Macaron - Creamy Chocolate, Rose Petals, Crispy Macaron Cookie
Crisp Green Apple - Juicy Citrus, Fresh Pineapple, Sugar Crystals
Coastal Sun
Cucumber Melon - Crisp Cucumber, Watery Honeydew, Summer Cantaloupe, Sparkling Grapefruit, Sheer Woods
Fresh Cut Lilacs - Lilac Bouquets, Dewy Greens, Soft Spring Air
Frozen Lake - Lavender Leaves, Cool Eucalyptus, Juniper Berries
Georgia Peach - Juicy Peaches, Dew-Covered Leaves, Hint of Vanilla
Linen & Lavender - Crisp Linen, Lavender Sea Salt, Fresh Air Breeze
Marble Toffee - Toasted Coconut, Brown Sugar Glaze, White Chocolate Chips
Ocean Driftwood
Peach Bellini - Succulent White Peach, Sparkling Prosecco, Sweet Orange
Pink Apple Punch - Crisp Apples, Sun-Kissed Melon, Sugar Crystals
Raspberry Tangerine - Wild Raspberries, Fresh Tangerine, Lemon Zest
Rose Water & Ivy - Soft Rose Petals, Rain-Kissed Ivy, Spring Musk
Sandcastles & Sunshine
Southern Magnolia - White Gardenia, Fresh Magnolia Blooms, Lemon Verbena
Strawberry Pound Cake - Fresh Strawberries, Golden Shortcake, Whipped Cream
Summer Boardwalk
Sun-Washed Citrus - Sorrento Lemons, Citron, Agave Nectar
Turquoise Waters
Warm Apple Pie - Baked Granny Smith Apple, Melted Brown Sugar, Flaky Homemade Crust
Watermelon Lemonade / Amazing Mom - Watermelon Ice, Sparkling Water, Meyer Lemon
White Gardenia - Classic White Gardenia, Sweet Apple Water, Bamboo, White Woods
White Tea & Sage - Sparkling Bergamot, White Tea, Fresh Sage
Wild Poppy - Wild Poppies, Sundrenched Mandarin, Honeydew, Rose
Woodland Spring - White Sandalwood, Sparkling Spring Water, Blonde Patchouli

Bath & Body Works Summer Fragrances Single Wick Candles

Single Wick Candles
Fresh Cut Lilacs
Georgia Peach
Honeysuckle Bouquet - Sweet Honeysuckle Nectar, Peony Petals, Soft Creamy Vanilla
Lemon Mint Leaf - Sparkling Lemon Zest, Spearmint Leaves, Verbena Sprigs
Strawberry Pound Cake
Vanilla Bean - Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Homemade Marshmallow, Fresh Steamed Milk

Bath & Body Works Summer Fragrances Wallflowers
Summer Moments Wallflower Fragrance Refills

The Wallflower scented oils from Bath & Body Works are infused with essential oils to freshen the air for several weeks. They sell for $7.50 (0.8 oz.) and are used with the Wallflowers Fragrance Plug, sold separately.

Scented Oils
Bow Ties & Bourbon - Dark Oak, Bergamot, Hint of Bourbon
Crisp Apple - Apple, Summer Melon, Sparkling Citrus
Cucumber Verbena - Green Tea, Watery Cucumber, Verbena
Fresh Cut Lilacs
Fresh Linen - Sun-Dried Linen, Apple Blossom, Dewy Melon
Honeysuckle & Freesia - Garden Honeysuckle, Sugared Citrus Zest, Freesia Petals
Kitchen Lemon - Zesty Lemon, Sparkling Citrus, Italian Bergamot
Raspberry Tangerine
Vanilla Bean
White Gardenia

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(Source: bathandbodyworks.com, May 2020)

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