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Fragrance guide for bath and body collection by Calgon.

Updated 01/07/20

Calgon - Current Fragrances

Lavender & Honey
Lavender & Honey fragrance takes you away to the calming hush of a lavender field.

Ocean Breeze
The shimmering beauty of cool, crisp waves flowing through a breathtaking ocean escape.

Calgon Fragrance Guide - Hawaiian Ginger

Hawaiian Ginger
The dazzle of island sunshine meets the exhilarating rush of exotic fruit. The invigorating aroma of orange and melon blends with the uplifting crispness of lemon and Hawaiian ginger in this clean, fresh fragrance. Precious woods and musk complete the sensuous affect. Top notes - bergamot, lemon, orange. Heart notes - apple, banana, melon, pineapple, mango, Hawaiian ginger. Base notes - musk, precious woods.

Calgon Fragrance Guide - Morning Glory

Morning Glory
The delicate hush of a perfect morning with soft petals swirling all around you. The morning air is fragrant with the scent of blossoming jasmine, geranium and rose. The invigorating impression of orange complements the lingering suggestion of violet. Sandalwood and oakmoss merge with musk and amber to create an enveloping sense of warmth. Top notes - orange, star anise, apple. Heart notes - rose, jasmine, violet, geranium, lily of the valley, clove. Base notes - oakmoss, amber, musk, balsam, sandalwood.

Discountinued Fragrance List

Calgon Fragrance Guide - Moon Petal Musk

Moon Petal Musk - discontinued
A hypnotic world filled with pleasure, surprise and temptation. A bewitching mélange of exotic florals, rich sandalwood and white amber. Dreamy and seductive -- like a slow dance beneath a starry sky with new and alluring possibilities in the air. Notes - bergamot, white peach, red currant, jasmine, sandalwood.

Calgon Fragrance Guide - Tahitian Orchid

Tahitian Orchid
The seductive rhythms of the South Pacific and the hypnotic beauty of white orchids. Delicate yet complex describes this fragrant festival of summer jasmine, mimosa and Tahitian Orchid. Melon and subtle hints of lemon enhance the intensity of the experience - transporting you to a south pacific paradise in the mind. (Or a Polynesian paradise in the mind.) Top notes - lemon, melon, leafy green nuances. Heart notes - mimosa, jasmine, muguet, rose, Tahitian orchid. Base notes - musk, blonde woods.

Angelic Kiss - Sensual Collection - discontinued
"Bask in divine romance. -- This glamorous and sensual floral oriental scent opens with golden notes of bergamot and mandarin zest with a touch of cardamom. The soft and delicate floral heart features enchanted violet, Moroccan jasmine petals and white lavender and is followed by a gorgeous and sexy blend of sensual musk, soft vanilla, cedarwood and creamy sandalwood." ...more
Top notes -- golden bergamot, cardamom, mandarin zest
Heart notes -- enchanted violet, Moroccan jasmine petals, white lavender
Base notes -- musk, vanilla, cedarwood

Aqua Goddess - Sensual Collection - discontinued
A divine concoction of lush tangerine, crisp water lily and creamy sandalwood. Learn more

Blushing Blossoms - discontinued
A sparkling bouquet of lush peonies from a secret garden. Learn more

Cotton Candy
A rush of sexy, sugary, sensuality. Sweet, tempting and absolutely delicious!

Enchanted Embrace - discontinued
A bewitching romance of warm vanilla, lush peony and purple passion fruit. Learn more

Femme Inferno - Sensual Collection - discontinued
"Fiery seduction at its finest. This sophisticated and ultra-feminine floral, woody scent opens with a sultry blend of pink pepper, bergamot and rose petals. The seductive heart features exotic star jasmine wrapped with juicy raspberry and a touch of lily of the valley. The dry down is rich and seductive with notes of Kashmir sandalwood, classic amber and skin musk." ...more
Top notes -- musk, amber, lily of the valley
Heart notes -- Kashmire sandalwood, raspberry, star jasmine
Base notes -- rose petals, bergamot, pink pepper

Flirty Tease - Sensual Collection - discontinued
"Playful and provocative all at once. This sexy and provocative fruity-floral composition opens with a sparkling blend of red currant, orange flower blossom and gala apple. The enchanting floral heart featuring exotic Egyptian jasmine, angelic lily of the valley with a touch of mirabelle is followed with sensual notes of crystal vanilla, warm sandalwood and atlas cedar." ...more
Top notes -- Egyptian jasmine, gala apple, orange flower blossom
Heart notes -- red currant, mirabelle, lily of the valley
Base notes -- crystal vanilla, sandalwood, atlas cedar

French Lavender Vanilla
Calming aromatic lavender enveloped with creamy vanilla in perfect harmony. (03/2014)

Fresh Start - Heart Collection - discontinued
"A breath of fresh air! -- Get carried away with this sparkling fragrance that embodies an effortlessly-chic approach to life and love. Clean and dreamy, this crisp blend of Granny Smith apple, jasmine petals, fresh water lily, and white rose will make a subtle but lasting statement." Notes -- Granny Smith apple, jasmine petals, water lily, white rose Learn more

Hot Date - Heart Collection - discontinued
"Dress to impress! -- Make him swoon with this tempting fragrance that embodies the beginning of a modern love story with a little va-va-voom. Confident and sexy, this enticing blend of creamy vanilla, sparkling pear, sweet nutty essences, and soothing amber will have all eyes - and cameras - on you." Notes -- creamy vanilla, pear, hazelnut, amber Learn more

Japanese Cherry Blossom
A warm afternoon basking in the sun with the breeze whispering the sweet notes of spring. (03/2014)

Dip into the decadent flavor of Marshmallow: Soft, sweet and deliciously irresistible!

Mint Green Tea
Our unique blend of aromas soothes the senses and relaxes your body for instant stress relief.

Parisian Charm
An irresistable mélange of sweet florals from a romantic Parisian getaway. Learn more

Rock Steady - Heart Collection - discontinued
"Ready, set, rock! -- Party hard with this fierce scent that embodies an unpredictable spirit of show-stopping individuality. Modern and edgy, this daring mélange of wild berries, tempting passion fruit, freesia petals and warm vanilla bean will bend all the rules." Notes -- wild berry, passion fruit, freesia petals, vanilla bean Learn more

Royal Rendezvous - Sensual Collection - discontinued
A regal blend of wild raspberry, pink gardenia, and patchouli. Learn more

Sweet Crush - Heart Collection - discontinued
"Eat your heart out! -- Fall head over heels for this spirited fragrance that embodies the girl next door who is a little naughty, a little nice. Sweet and flirty, this luscious blend of fresh fruits, sugar berries, dewy grapefruit and seductive peony will leave him craving for more." Notes -- strawberry, raspberry, sugar berry, grapefruit, peony Learn more

Turquoise Seas
Bask in the shimmering beauty of a breathtaking seascape.

Vanilla Swirl
Sensuous and warm, with notes of blackberry and golden amber drenched in vanilla cream. Luscious, delightful, and mouth-watering delicious!

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