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Indigo Wild Zum Bar
Zum Bar
This natural soap has the good stuff of goat's milk, 100% pure essential oils, veggie oils, herbs, natural glycerin and natural mineral pigments. (3oz / $5.85)
Indigo Wild Zum Mist
Zum Mist
Zum Mist is the natural whiff of a thousand uses - from body to boudoir. And it's all-natural non-toxic and loaded with 100% pure essential oils. (4oz / $10.50)
Indigo Wild Body Lotion
Zum Body Lotion
Zum Body lotion has the cleanest ingredients you'll find. It's rich and creamy, doesn't clog pores and brings out the inner you with a vigin ingredient deck and loads of botanical extracts. (2oz / $7, 8oz / $11.50)
Indigo Wild Zum Wash
Zum Wash
We squeezed everything we could into this soft-hitting, anti-detergent expose on liquid soap. Now all you have to do is expose yourself to its all-natural, gentle, hydrating ingredients of saponified organic oils of olive, coconut and jojoba and pure essential oils. (8oz / $13.50)
Indigo Wild Zum Tub
Zum Tub
The second best thing to do with your clothes off. Zum Tub renews your spirit and your mood and moisturizes dry skin with all-natural sea salt crystals soaked in shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil and pure essential oils. (12oz / $10)
Indigo Wild Zum Oil
Zum Oil
Made with mojo-moisturizing natural ingredients like certified organic shea butter and oils of sweet almond, avocado, meadowfoam seed and hemp, this body oil can be a moisturizing base before lotion, squirt some in your tub for a skin conditioning bath or use on your face for extra moisturizing. (4oz / $13.50)
Indigo Wild Zum Rub
Zum Rub
The natural moisturizers in our Zum Rub mend broken defenses, so slather it on damaged, cracked and parched skin, lips, heels, cuticles, blisters and new tattoos. (2.5oz / $9.50)
About Indigo Wild

Indigo Wild bath and body care: Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Indigo Wild has been producing all-natural products infused with good karma for the body and home since 1996, including the wildly popular Zum line. Never tested on animals, the Zum line includes numerous all-natural products and blends: lotions, soaps, candles, body rubs, bath salts, aromatherapy sprays, baby products, dog products, laundry soaps, household cleaning products and more. (Source:

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