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Soaps Indigo Wild - Zum
Zum Bar
All natural goat's milk soap, cold-process saponification method, add moisturizing vegetable oils and pure essential oils. 3oz / $5.50
Candles Indigo Wild - Zum
Zum Glow
Soy candles, all natural paraffin-free wax, lead-free wick and 100% pure essential oils. 30 hrs 7oz / $15-22
Room Spray Indigo Wild - Zum
Zum Mist
Room and body spray for use on clothes, bathroom, couch, car, closet, etc. with pure essential oils. 4oz / $10.50
Reed Diffusers Indigo Wild - Zum
Zum Whiff Sticks
All natural reed diffusers soaked in pure essential oils to fragrance the air. 4oz / $15.50 Oil Refill / Set $26.50

About Indigo Wild - Zum

Indigo Wild - Zum home fragrances: Indigo Wild creates handcrafted products using 100% pure essential oils, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, soy wax, goat's milk, and botanical extracts in their ZUM line. Learn more about Indigo Wild bath & body.

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Tel. 1-800-361-5686 | indigowild.com

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