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Body Fantasies by PDC Brands - "A Little Magic. We created Body Fantasies to give you a small treat for get you going in the morning, as a refreshing pick-me-upper during the day, and revive your softer feminine side at night. A beautiful assortment of fragrances -- many are clean and fresh and revitalizing, others are sweeter and sexier. All are feminine and different from everything else on the market."

Body Fantasies

Body Fantasies - fragrance info

Fragrance House PDC Brands
Introduced 1996
Available Products Body Sprays | Lotions | Wash | Deodorant Body Spray
Price $3.99 - $10.99

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Perfumers say FANTASY to describe a natural fragrance enhanced with complimentary refreshing notes. All our BODY FANTASIES fragrances are light, clean, fresh and energizing! BODY FANTASIES Fragrances Body Sprays and Fragrance Moisturizing Lotions are designed to be enjoyed separately or layered together for a more intense, longer lasting fragrance experience.

Updated 01/08/20

PDC Brands - Current Fragrances

Coconut Fantasy - Transform every day into a tropical beach vacation. Starfruit nectar and pineapple blend with sugared orchid and coconut to create a fun and inviting fragrance.

Cotton Candy - A vibrant, fruity scent featuring notes of citrus, sparkling raspberry, strawberry sugar and cotton candy.
Top - Citrus, sparkling raspberry
Mid - Cotton candy accord, strawberry sugar
Base - Whipped vanilla, soft caramel, musk
Absolutely delicious! This playful body spray brings back childhood memories of carefree days surrounded by friends and fun. Our Cotton Candy is a wonderful blend of spun sugar and creamy vanilla combined with notes of tender strawberries, lush raspberries and clean musk. The result is irresistible!

Daydream Darling - Introducing Daydream Darling! This dreamy blend begins with a tart, juicy first impression...swirling over with flower petals and drying down with a vanilla and skin musk. (Released 11/19)

Fresh White Musk - Enjoy a beautiful fresh bouquet of bright white florals combined with soft sensual woods and clean white musks.
Top - Lily of the valley, lilac, rose, freesia, mandarin
Mid - Jasmine, ylang-ylang, hyacinth, clove
Base - Moss, musk, vanilla, patchouli
Blends the clean fresh natural scents of bright white florals with a mix of soft musks. Our best selling fragrance!

Hearts & Daisies - Crisp fruits and dewy greens flirt with petal-soft florals and sheer white-woods creating a blissful and carefree feeling.
Top - Crisp apple, watery melon, pear
Mid - Muguet, pink peony
Base - Vanilla, creamy woods

Hibiscus Petals - Escape to a tropical island with notes of dewy pink hibiscus, water summer melon and warm skin musk.

Japanese Cherry Blossom - A charming blend of warm oriental notes, fresh cherry blossom, succulent rose and amber.
Top - Raspberry, pear, plum
Mid - Cherry blossom accord, rose, jasmine
Base - Amber, creamy vanilla, patchouli, musk, sandalwood
Swirling petals from the Japanese Cherry Blossom tree inspire a fragrance full of romance, desire and charm. A long-lasting blend of warm oriental notes transform into an incredibly feminine dry down of fresh cherry blossom, succulent rose and seductive amber.

Magical Escape - Take your senses on a magical escape with the delectable combination of sweet berries, coconut and the creaminess of vanilla.
Top - Blackberry, pear, tangerine
Mid - Mango, coconut water, plum blossom
Base - Vanilla bean, whipped musk, sugared amber

Night Musk - The warmth and mystery of the night shines with sparkling stars of night-blooming petals embraced with touches of creamy pink praline captivated by the soft sensuality of musk.
Top - Juicy apple, night orchid
Mid - Violet petals, heliotrope
Base - Creamy sandalwood, velvet musk, pink praline

Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy - Body Spray
Blissful florals and sparkling fruits are masterly mingled and naturally long-lasting in Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy Fragrance Body Spray.
Top - Grapefruit, guava, raspberry
Mid - Strawberry, melon, passion fruity, passion flower
Base - Musk

Pink Vanilla Kiss - Body Spray
Delectable juicy peach, berries and soft florals are combined to create a feminine, fruity, gourmand fragrance.
Top - Grapefruit, wild berries, coconut milk
Mid - Pink vanilla accord, peony, tiare flower
Base - Tahitian vanilla, creamy sandalwood, caramel, sheer musk
Pucker up for Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy! Delectable juicy peach and berries open the fragrance, while soft florals round out the middle. The base, comprised of woods and musk, is beautifully crafted to create a feminine, fruity, gourmand fragrance. (03/2013)

Pure Sunshine - As pure as sunshine, this fragrance radiates a juicy, fruity personality with sun-kissed citrus blending with jasmine and honeysuckle.
Top - Sun-kissed citrus, nectarine, starfruit
Mid - Jasmine, strawberry cream, honeysuckle
Base - Vanilla bean, amber, golden musk

Romance & Dreams -- Body Spray
This beautiful and romantic scent of luscious fruits and fresh florals will sweep you away to the city of lights! Romance & Dreams is just like the city that inspired it... unforgettable. (Paris)
Top -- Bergamot, Blackcurrant Berries, Passion Fruit, Peach
Middle -- Pink Peony, Rose Petals, Freesia, Magnolia
Dry -- Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Amber, Musk, Vanilla Orchid

Sugar Peach - Take a bite out of this juicy fragrance with notes of freshly ripened peach, pear and raspberry. Creamy jasmine and orange blossom blend with coconut and hints of sugarcane. A fragrance so delicious you’ll think you are walking through a summer orchard!
Top - Honeysuckle, pear, peach, raspberry
Mid - Jasmine, orange blossom, mango
Base - Coconut, sugarcane, musk

Sweet Crush - Feel the excitement of being swept off your feet with a lush sweetness of pink jasmine and sugared berries swirled with a creamy blend of vanilla.
Top - Red berries, pineapple, cassis
Mid - Green apple, star jasmine, lily of the valley
Base - Cashmere wood, crystalized sugar, musk

Sweet Sunrise - A fruity, floral gourmand fragrance consisting of mandarin, honeysuckle, sandalwood and vanilla notes. Youthful, sweet and girly... perfect for any time of the day!
Top - Peach nectar, mandarin, wild red berries
Mid - Gardenia blossom, coconut orchid, jasmine
Base - Creamy wood, amber, whipped vanilla, caramel

Twilight Mist - Body Spray
Get lost in a mesmerizing and mysterious fragrance featuring notes of coconut, mandarin orange and plum.
Fragrance Notes:
Top: Mandarin, Coconut, Fresh Plum
Middle: Magnolia, Tuberose, Tiger, Orchid, Violet
Dry: Sandalwood, Creamy Musk, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

Vanilla - This fragrance body spray combines the clean scents of creamy vanilla, jasmine, fresh apples, and white musks.
Top - Fiji apple, Macintosh apple, frosted tangerine
Mid - Hawaiian pineapple, strawberry blossom, jasmine
Base - Tahitian vanilla bean, vanilla musk, caramel candy

Discontinued Fragrance List

Apple -- Body Spray
Our Apple Body Spray is an exciting blend of natural scents of crisp apples, juicy pineapple, vanilla and fresh clean musks.

Cherry Blossom Fantasy -- Body Spray
Our Cherry Blossom Body Spray is reminiscent of spring cherry blossoms surrounded by delicate white flowers. This fragrance is a warm and sexy blend of musk and vanilla with a hint of fruit. Light, refreshing and totally long-lasting.

Clean Lavender Vanilla -- Body Spray, Lotion
Our Clean Lavender Vanilla is the first ever pretty lavender, this fragrance body spray is exceptionally fresh, soft & feminine.

Clean Ocean Air -- Body Spray (discontinued)
This light fresh fragrance will remind you of a clean ocean breeze.

Coconut Breeze Fantasy -- Body Spray
This body spray blends soothing, coconut with refreshing notes of lime, nectarine and clean vanilla musk. This tropical fragrance will rejuvenate you from head to toe. Body fantasies fragrances were created to uplift and energize the body.

Creamy French Vanilla -- Body Spray
Body Fantasies Signature Creamy French Vanilla is an oriental, edible vanilla with a sweet salted caramel.

Cucumber Melon -- Body Spray, Lotion, Wash
This light and refreshing fragrance body spray blends crisp cucumber with mouthwatering melons. Reminiscent of a summer's day!

Diva Latina Pasion Tropical Fantasy -- Body Spray (discontinued)
Our Diva Latina Pasión Tropical Fantasy Fragrance Body Spray has Notes of iced grapefruit, tangerine and mango which mingle with peach, orange blossom and jasmine that dry down to sun-drenched musks.

Feel Elegant Fantasy -- Body Spray
Feel Elegant Fantasy Body Spray is a spirited blend of muguet petals, white rose, and tuberose infused with the distinctive citrus character of tangerine provide initial impact and brisk freshness in the opening character. This effervescent sensation is accentuated in the heart with refreshing infusions of ripe raspberries, apple peel and plum blossom, emphasizing the sparkling impression with radiance. Strength and natural appeal are created in the background tone with a combination of a vanilla powder accord, and the natural essence of cedarwood and amber leaf for a sensory escape.

Freesia -- Body Spray
Our Freesia Fragrance Body Spray blends the fragrant floral notes of freesia, heliotrope, rose and muguet.

Iced Cupcake Fantasy -- Body Spray
This completely unique fragrance blends Sheer White Icing, Lucious Angel Food Cake, & Sugared Musk with ever popular Creamy Vanilla.

Kissing in the Rain -- Body Spray
Kissing in the Rain is a young, clean fruity/floral fragrance, featuring juicy orange, sweet honeysuckle and spring rain. (09/2015)
Top Notes -- Juicy Orange, Spring Rain
Heart Notes -- Sweet Honeysuckle, Water Lily
Base Notes -- Creamy Sandalwood, Warm Vanilla

Lemon Sugar -- Body Spray
Our Fresh Lemon Sugar fragrance is made of tangy, sweet lemons, complimented by rich nuances of sweet cream, coconut and gourmand vanilla bean.

Paradise Fantasy -- Body Spray
Escape to Paradise! Body Fantasies Paradise Fantasy Fragrance Body Spray is a sweet, feminine blend of tropical island fruits, coconut blossom, creamy driftwood, and musks.
Paradise Fantasy Fragrance notes:
Top - Mandarin, Mango, Piña Colada
Mid - Coconut Blossom, Passion Flower, Papaya
Base - Driftwood, Musk, Sugarcane

Pear Fantasy -- Body Spray
Body Fantasies Pear 8oz Fragrance Body Spray.

Plumeria Fantasy -- Body Spray
Our Plumeria Body Spray creates a "tropical revival" with its fruity floral fragrance.

Raspberry -- Body Spray, Lotion
Our Raspberry Body Spray Marries the fresh scents of sparkling raspberries, juicy apples and succulent peaches.

Red Velvet -- Body Spray
Body Fantasies Signature Red Velvet is a playfully delectable fragrance for work or play.

Sexiest Musk -- Body Spray, Lotion, Wash, Deodorant Body Spray
Sexiest Musk Body spray is an undeniably unique fragrance is a warm, oriental that dries down to a sensual combination of amber, musk and vanilla.

Sparkling Pink Grapefruit -- Body Spray
Body Fantasies Signature Sparkling Pink Grapefruit is a daytime sensation, as fresh and crisp as a sunny day on the beach!

Strawberry -- Body Spray
The delicious scent of sweet fresh strawberries! This fragrance body spray is irresistible.

Sugar Apple Fantasy -- Body Spray
Our Sugar Apple body spray is like biting into a sweet candy apple at a summer county fair. Juicy red delicious and crisp green apples are blended with a flirty combination of pink apple blossom and sweet sugared vanilla. This fun, fruity fragrance will leave you feeling simply delicious.

Sugar Vanilla -- Body Spray
Body Fantasies Sugar Vanilla Body Spray is a warm blend of vanilla orchid blossom with a touch of fresh coconut milk, sugar cane, and a sweet musky mix of cedarwood and sandalwood.

Sweet Berry Fantasy -- Body Spray
Sweet Berry Fantasy is a flirty and luscious blend of fresh fruits, dewy grapefruit and seductive peony.
Top -- Pink Grapefruit, Peach Nectar, Succulent Red Berries, Melon
Heart -- Luscious Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Candied Rose
Base -- Sweet Musk, White Amber, Vanilla Extract, Sheer Sandalwood

Sweet Primrose Kiss -- Body Spray
A young, fresh blend of creamy rose petite, fresh clean cotton, and a hint of apple blossom sweetness -- a fun and flirty everyday fragrance for everyone. (09/2015)
Top Notes -- Apple Blossom
Heart Notes -- Rose Petite, Clean Cotton Accord
Base Notes -- Amber, Cedarwood

Tuberose Fantasy -- Body Spray (discontinued)
Body Fantasies Tuberose 8oz Fragrance Body Spray.

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