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PDC Brands Body Fantasies
PDC Brands Sexiest Fantasies
PDC Brands Bod Man
PDC Brands Bodycology
PDC Brands Calgon

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PDC Brands Body Fantasies Body Spray
Body Fantasies Body Spray
Fragrance body spray for women. 8 oz. / $6.19
PDC Brands Body Fantasies Body Lotion
Body Fantasies Body Lotion
Pamper your skin with a special blend of moisturizers, including shea butter, and vitamin E, combined in our fresh, clean fragrances. 7 oz. / $2.79
PDC Brands Body Fantasies Body Wash
Body Fantasies Body Wash
We know how special your shower and bath time is... We hope our Moisture Infused Body Wash will be a magical experience for you. 12 oz. / $2.49
PDC Brands Body Fantasies Luxe Perfume
Body Fantasies Luxe Perfume
Created by the world's finest perfumers, Body Fantasies Luxe is a collection of flirty, uplifting fragrances designed to dress up any occasion. 2.6 oz. EDP / $12.99
PDC Brands Sexiest Fantasies Body Spray
Sexiest Fantasies Body Spray
Kissable body spray for women. 7.35 oz. / $5.95
PDC Brands Sexiest Fantasies Body Lotion
Sexiest Fantasies Body Lotion
Fresh, clean and flirty scent leaving your skin sexy to the touch and totally kissable! 7 oz. / $3.79
PDC Brands Bod Man Body Spray
BOD Man Body Spray
Fragrance body spray for men. 8 oz. / $6.99
PDC Brands BOD Man Deodorant Spray
BOD Man Deodorant Spray
Fragrant deodorant spray for men. 4 oz. / $3.99
About PDC Brands

PDC Brands bath and body collection -- "Our commitment is to give our consumers absolutely top quality fragrances at affordable prices. Created by master-perfumers, Parfums de Coeur fragrances smell every bit as good as designer and celebrity perfumes but cost a fraction of the price." Parfums de Coeur was founded on July 29, 1981. They launched Designer Imposters in 1982, acquired Prince Matchabelli in 1993, launched Body Fantasies in 1996, BOD Man in 2000, Sexiest Fantasies in 2009, and Body Fantasies Vampire in 2010.
(Source:, April 2013)

Formerly known as Parfums de Coeur, PDC Brands joined forces with private equity firm Yellow Wood Partners in late 2012, and has since doubled its sales and profits to become one of the fastest-growing players in the US mass market. The company's annual sales are estimated at US$400 million and are expected to reach US$600 million by year-end 2017. They purchased Calgon in December 2012 and Dr. Teal's in early 2014. They acquired hair care brand Cantu and Bodycology in July 2015.
(Source: Press Release July 1, 2015)

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