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Secret Wish by Anna Sui is a fruity floral fragrance for women. Created by Robertet perfumer Michel Almairac with notes of lemon, melon, tagete (Marigold), and apricot scented florals blending into a heart of blackcurrant and pineapple with a dry down finish of white cedar wood, amber, and skin musk. The glass perfume bottle houses a teal hued juice and is adorned with a frosted cap that resembles a fairy sitting atop a sphere. Launched in 2005, the enchanting feminine scent is available in an eau de toilette.

Anna Sui Secret Wish
Anna Sui Secret Wish
Fruity Floral
Fragrance Notes
Top - Lemon, marigold (tagete), melon
Heart - Blackcurrant, pineapple, apricot-scented floral
Base - White cedarwood, amber, skin musk

Perfumer - Michel Almairac
Launched - 2005

Anna Sui Secret Wish - fragrance details

Secret Wish Eau de Toilette
Anna Sui's Secret Wish has the enchanting essence of a fairy tale. A single spritz releases a lush bouquet of juicy fruits: sparkling lemon, summery melon, velvety tagetes, and a soft, apricot-scented flower. A burst of pineapple adds a note of flirtatious charm with a mysterious hint of black currant. The base fuses musk, warm white cedar wood, and sensual amber for a perfume that is alluring and infinitely feminine.

Top Notes: Lemon, Taget, Melon
Mid Notes: Black Currant, Pineapple
Base Notes: White Cedarwood, Amber, Skin Musk (Oct. 2020)

Anna Sui Secret Wish Fragrance

The Anna Sui Secret Wish perfume is available in an Eau de Toilette spray, $72 for 2.5 oz., $60 for 1.7 oz. and $44 for 1.0 oz.

Anna Sui Secret Wish Perfume Ad

Anna Sui Secret Wish Eau de Toilette Spray 2.5 oz.
Fashion designer Anna Sui's Secret Wish expresses magical optimism. Wishing will make it so. All things are possible. This fragrance, like a magical fairy, flits lightly from leaf to leaf, dances merrily in midair and has the power to make wishes come true. Secret Wish embodies the enchanting essence of a fairy tale.

Top Notes: Sparkling Lemon, Summery Melon, Velvety Tagete
Heart Notes: Pineapple, Mysterious Black Currant
Base Notes: Musk, Warm White Cedarwood, Sensual Amber (Oct. 2020)

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