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Anna Sui fragrances: by Inter Parfums. Anna Sui is an American fashion designer. She launched her first namesake fragrance in 1999. Learn more

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Anna Sui fragrance and perfume list.

Anna Sui Perfumes (by year launched)

2020 - Fantasia Forever | Sky

2019 - Fantasia Mermaid | Serenity Wish | Sui Dreams in Purple

2018 - Flight of Fancy Spirit | L'Amour Rose Versailles | L'Amour Rose Versailles Eau de Toilette | Secret Wish Fairy Dance Sparkle

2017 - Fairy Dance Sun | Fantasia | L'Amour Rose Eau de Toilette

2016 - L'Amour Rose | Romantica Exotica | Lucky Wish | Sui Dreams in Yellow

2015 - Romantica | Sui Dreams in Green

2014 - La Nuit de Boheme | La Nuit de Boheme Eau de Parfum | Sui Dreams in Pink

2013 - La Vie de Boheme | Tin House Collection: Fairy Dance, Flight of Fancy, Forbidden Affair, Secret Wish

2012 - Fairy Dance Secret Wish

2010 - Forbidden Affair | Rock Me! Summer of Love

2009 - Live Your Dream | Rock Me!

2008 - Dolly Girl Lil' Starlett | Night of Fancy

2007 - Dolly Girl Bonjour L'Amour | Flight of Fancy

2006 - Dolly Girl On the Beach | Secret Wish Magic Romance

2005 - Secret Wish

2004 - Dolly Girl Ooh La Love

2003 - Dolly Girl

2002 - Sui Love

2000 - Sui Dreams

1999 - Anna Sui

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Anna Sui fashions

Anna Sui - perfume and design house

Anna Sui, fashion designer

About Anna Sui
Anna Sui is an American fashion designer. A first generation Chinese-American, she was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1964 and studied at the Parsons School of Design in New York before launching her premiere runway show in 1991. Rejecting the 1980s powersuits and shoulder pads, Sui created relaxed styles that reflected the youth culture. The following year she opened her first boutique in New York's SoHo neighborhood, and launched her cosmetics and fragrance line in 1993. Sui worked with Wella to introduce her signature fragrance in 1999. Procter & Gamble held the fragrance license when it acquired Wella in 2003 until Inter Parfums purchased the license in July 2011.

"The charm of Anna Sui lies in the ingenious combination of classic fashion and cultural dreams. Whether it is Victorian denim, pop art or Finnish textile pattern elements, Anna Sui, who is adventurous and innovative, always surprises people. The first perfume came out in 1999, allowing women to enter an unparalleled journey of fragrance and fashion creativity. Each fragrance work pays great attention to details, and the iconic perfume bottle design has even become the favorite of collectors." — (Oct. 2020)

Contact Anna Sui
Anna Sui Soho Store: 484 Broome St, New York, NY 10013
Phone: 1-212-941-8406

Anna Sui Perfumes

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