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Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui is a fruity floral perfume for women. This luminous scent was crafted with notes of java lemon, lychee, and yuzu blending into a floral heart of magnolia, rose blossoms, and purple rain freesia with a dry down finish of white wood, skin musk, and amber crystals. The light pink glass perfume bottle houses a golden tinted juice with silver and gold accents, a pink collar, and a peacock cap. Launched in 2007 by Inter Parfums, the tranquil feminine scent is available in an eau de toilette and matching body products.

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy
Anna Sui Flight of Fancy
Fruity Floral
Fragrance Notes
Top notes - Java lemon, lychee, yuzu
Heart notes - Crystal amber, freesia, rose
Base notes - Musk, white cedarwood

Launched - 2007

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy - fragrance details

Flight of Fancy Eau de Toilette
Indulge in your fantasies with Flight of Fancy. It's an explosion of luminous java lemon, lychee, and yuzu. These bold scents are tempered by soft notes of magnolia, rose blossom, and purple rain freesia. Base notes of amber crystal, light wood, and skin musk round out the composition for a multilayered, complex scent that brings peace and tranquility.

Top Notes: Lychee, Yuzu, Java Lemon
Mid Notes: Purple Rain, Freesia, Rose, Blossom, Star Magnolia
Base Notes: Skin Musk, White Wood, Amber Crystals, Benzoin

annasui.com (Oct. 2020)

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy Fragrance

The Anna Sui Flight of Fancy perfume is available in an Eau de Toilette spray, $72 for 2.5 oz., $60 for 1.7 oz. and $44 for 1.0 oz. Body Lotion and Shower Gel available in gift sets.

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Anna Sui Flight of Fancy Eau de Toilette
Designer Anna Sui's Flight of Fancy fragrance is about the allure of exploration and the thrill of discovery. There is a time of transformation in a woman's life when she sets out on a glorious adventure to discover herself. A time when she knows, instinctively, that she will change. And so, she opens her heart to every enticing possibility, every Flight of Fancy. The bottle top as well as the bright yellow outer box is the image of a beautiful peacock's tail feathers fan, representing a reveal of hidden beauty, the ultimate display of seduction. The bottle is adorned with a gold filigree design and gives off a shimmery gold and pink hue. Radiant and embracing, luscious and young, the floral-fresh fragrance leads to a dream world where blossoms sparkle in the sun. The first impression is of a sweet, yet transparent top note, this is the effect created by the exotic fruit note of the lychee. The distinctive yet delicate scent of freesia provides the signature to the Heart Note. It evokes a sense of fresh clean air and warm sunny days. The base note captures the sensual tranquility of this fragrance, in a combination of smooth woods and musky notes.

Top: lychee, java lemon, yuzu.
Middle: rose blossom, star magnolia, purple rain, freesia.
Base: amber crystals, skin musk, white woods.

Nordstrom.com (Oct. 2020)

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