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Infanta en Flor by Arquiste - "June 1660, Isle of Pheasants, Basque region, on the French-Spanish border. Maria Teresa, the Infanta of Spain, is offered to Louis XIV in exchange for peace between the two nations. Innocently perfumed with Orange flower water, her powdery complexion blushes as the gallant King lays his eyes on her for the first time. She opens her scented fan and steals a look back."

Perfume House   Arquiste
Introduced September 2011
Tagline June 1660, Isle of Pheasants, Basque region, on the French-Spanish border.
Scent Classification Floral Musky Amber
Perfumer Yann Vasnier
Fragrance Notes Orange flower water, Spanish leather, cistus resin, immortelle
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign --
Available Products Arquiste Infanta en Flor - Eau de Parfum 1.86oz / $175

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Curiosities - Spanish princesses are known as Infantas; in the 17th century, France's political enemy was Spain. Marriage to a Spanish Infanta would reconfigure the balance of power in Europe, and eventually turn France into the hegemonic power.

The Infanta Maria Teresa was dressed in the Spanish fashion, with a stiff dress of gold and silver embroidery, and a voluminous guardainfante skirt, which the French found excessive.

Like the austere monarchy she represented, the Infanta Maria Teresa was innocently perfumed, yet managed to cause a strong impression in those around her.

The Suede accord hints at the Peau d'Espagne perfumed leather gloves in vogue at the time, while the rose-scented rouge on her cheeks and those of her ladies-in-waiting contrasted with their clean powdery skin, fresh as the June breeze.

When Louis XIV first appeared in the room's threshold, the French Queen Mother gestured to the door and asked the Infanta what she thought of the new arrival; the Infanta blush and responded "The door seems quite beautiful and strong...".

Source: (Nov. 2011)

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