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Arquiste fragrances: Niche perfume line founded by architect and designer Carlos Huber in 2011 inspired by history. Learn more

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Carlos Huber

About Arquiste
"Curated by an architect specializing in Historic Preservation, Arquiste is a fragrance collection that transports the wearer to evocative moments in history. Meticulously researched using authentic sources and crafted with only the rarest of ingredients, each fragrance restores the olfactive experience of a particular time and place, allowing both women and men to unlock personal revelations and experience history in a most intimate way."
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Arquiste - fragrance editorials

Arquiste Perfume editorial Allure Summertime Candles
Allure - June 2016

Heat Wave - NEW FLAMES
Do the palm fonds and blue waters above have you refreshing Expedia? We have six more ways to escape. Any of these new candles will transport you - if only for a few hours - to vacationland.

For a trip to... Light Up...

  • Marrakech -- ARQUISTE Art Deco Velvet
  • Nice -- CIRE TRUDON Cyrnos
  • Mexico City -- PADDYWAX Salted Grapefruit
  • Bali -- D.L. & CO. Jasmine Slate
  • Positano -- JONATHAN ADLER Muse D'Argent
  • Stockholm -- D.L. & CO. Harvest Moon

(Siegel, E. "Beauty Reporter: Heat Wave - New Flames." Allure June 2016: 50)

Arquiste Perfume editorial Marie Claire Inspiration Board
Marie Claire - March 2016

Fragrance Files - GENDER FLUID
Who's the say what a woman or man should smell like? The coolest new scents occupy neutral territory.

...traditional gender lines are blurring: Women wear men's colognes, men are wearing perfume, and niche lines like Ex Nihilo, Byredo, D.S. & Durga, Arquiste, and Le Labo often eschew labels altogether, putting out strong, intoxicating scents that are winning over both sexes.

Sprays That Go Both Ways

(Goldstein, J. "Beauty: Fragrance Files - Gender Fluid." Marie Claire Mar. 2016: 220-221)

Arquiste Perfume editorial Hotel Fragrances
Marie Claire - Oct 2015

Hotel Fine Fragrances
Forget pillow menus and logo-ed robes -- fine fragrances are the new hotel must-haves.

D.S. & DURGA's El Cosmico Eau de Parfum ($150;

EAU D'ITALIE Eau de Toilette ($140;

In developing Caroline's Four Hundred Candle by Arquiste for the St. Regis brand, perfumer Carlos Huber used a bright fusion of apple and cherry blossom to evoke the lavish parties thrown by socialite Caroline Astor, whose son founded the original NYC hotel. ARQUISTE St. Regis Carolina's Four Hundred Candle ($80;


(Hernon, Joy. "Fragrance Files: One Fine Spray." Marie Claire Oct. 2015: 214)

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