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D.L. & Co. Candles
Wax candles, 30+ hour burn time.
Size: 6.8 oz / $55-115
D.L. & Co. Diffusers
Reed diffused fragrance oil.
Size: 7 oz / $110

About D.L. & Co.

D.L. & Co. home fragrances: Douglas Little is a sybarite of the senses who has lent his award-winning aesthetic and inspiration to the finest names in beauty. It was his passion for rarefied pleasures that compelled him to create D.L. & Co. Here, dramatic candles with a unique and patented blend of soy, maple and palm waxes that diffuse delicate fragrant oils without interpretation and smoke, and diffusers that graciously convey that same spirit. (Source: www.onekingslane.com - 2013)
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D.L. & Co. 417 N Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 | www.dlcompany.com

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D.L. & Co. - fragrance editorials

D.L. & Co. Perfume editorial Allure Summertime Candles
Allure - June 2016
D.L. & Co.

Heat Wave - NEW FLAMES
Do the palm fonds and blue waters above have you refreshing Expedia? We have six more ways to escape. Any of these new candles will transport you - if only for a few hours - to vacationland.

For a trip to... Light Up...

  • Marrakech -- ARQUISTE Art Deco Velvet
  • Nice -- CIRE TRUDON Cyrnos
  • Mexico City -- PADDYWAX Salted Grapefruit
  • Bali -- D.L. & CO. Jasmine Slate
  • Positano -- JONATHAN ADLER Muse D'Argent
  • Stockholm -- D.L. & CO. Harvest Moon

(Siegel, E. "Beauty Reporter: Heat Wave - New Flames." Allure June 2016: 50)

D.L. & Co. Candles
Marie Claire - Dec 2012
D.L. & Co. Candles

Eau So Gorgeous
Whether you've got a lot or a little to spend this season, our guide for pleasing everyone on your list. (Don't forget to treat yourself, too!)

Open Fire
D.L. & Co. Scarlet Geranium Candle, $55, www.dlcompany.com
D.L. & Co. Jasmin Noir Tree Etched Candle, $115

("Beauty: Eau So Gorgeous." Marie Claire Dec. 2012: 203-208)

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