Calvin Klein CK2 - fragrance for women and men

CK2 by Calvin Klein - A new gender free fragrance from Calvin Klein, lauched over 20 years after their first unisex CK One fragrance. Created by IFF, this woody fresh urban scent includes notes of mandarin, green spices, wasabi, violet leaf, orris, rose, incense, sandalwood, and vetiver. The minimalistic cylinder bottle is of thick glass with a clear base. Ryan McGinley photographed the advertising campaign shot on location in Puerto Rico. Available in eau de toilette spray and rollerball, exclusively at Macy's.

Calvin Klein CK2 Fragrance

Calvin Klein CK2 Fragrance

Calvin Klein CK2 - fragrance info

Perfume House Calvin Klein
Introduced February 2016
Perfumer IFF
Ann Gottlieb
Scent Classification Woody Aromatic
Fragrance Notes Top -- wasabi, green spices, mandarin, violet leaf absolute
Heart -- wet cobblestone accord, orris concrete, rose absolute
Base -- vetiver, incense, sandalwood
Package Design Coty - Clear thick glass cylinder bottle with heavy base cap.
Print/TV Campaign Models - Victoria Brito, Dakota Garrett, Luka Sabbat, Erin Eliopulos, Kyle Mobus, Sung Jin Park,
and twin sisters Baylee Soles and Kelsey Soles (2016)
Photographer - Ryan McGinley
Available Products Eau de Toilette 1 oz, 1.7 oz, 3.4 oz / $40-75, Rollerball $18, Pocket Spray $20

Calvin Klein CK2 Fragrance Campaign

Calvin Klein CK2 - Commercial Ad

More Perfume Details

Calvin Klein CK2

"Fresh. Warm. Electric. A new gender-free scent for a man or a woman: first a strike of urban electric freshness followed by a magnetic, warm dry down on skin. A completely novel exploration into the urban woody fresh. ck2 is a champion of the millennial spirit both in its gender-free, dual-faceted nature and sleek design that embraces the new age. A new scent made for #the2ofus"

Calvin Klein CK2 - fragrance editorials

Calvin Klein CK2 Perfume editorial Marie Claire Inspiration Board
Marie Claire - March 2016
Calvin Klein CK2

Fragrance Files - GENDER FLUID
Who's the say what a woman or man should smell like? The coolest new scents occupy neutral territory.

...traditional gender lines are blurring: Women wear men's colognes, men are wearing perfume, and niche lines like Ex Nihilo, Byredo, D.S. & Durga, Arquiste, and Le Labo often eschew labels altogether, putting out strong, intoxicating scents that are winning over both sexes. Even megabrand Calvin Klein is launching a scent ck2, that's been dubbed "gender-free" (not "unisex").

Sprays That Go Both Ways

(Goldstein, J. "Beauty: Fragrance Files - Gender Fluid." Marie Claire Mar. 2016: 220-221)

Calvin Klein CK2 Perfume editorial Cosmo Models + Bottles
Cosmopolitan - March 2016
Calvin Klein CK2

Models + Bottles
Consider it our most scentsual story ever: six of the hottest guys we know, paired with the sexiest-smelling fragrances of the season. You're welcome.

Nick Bateman - @Nick_Bateman
Hometown - Burlington, Ontario
What's he into - Muay Thai, Instagram (He has 4.2 million followers!), and his adorable Canadian Yorkie, Joey (@Joey_Bateman).
His bottle - Calvin Klein CK2, $75 (3.4 oz., Macy's), meet the fragrance version of your boyfriend's tee. Part musky, part clean (like a whiff of pavement after a rain storm), it's totally irresistible on you ... or him.

Sexy Smelling Perfumes:

(Venti, L. "Models + Bottles." Cosmopolitan Mar. 2016: 180-187)

Calvin Klein CK2 Perfume editorial Marie Claire Inspiration Board
Marie Claire - Feb 2016
Calvin Klein CK2

Clean Fragrances
Fragrance has traditionally been expected to express a mood or it clings to. But some of the best new scents don't set out to seduce us or unfurl a faceted heart, petal by petal. They have scrubbed-down, aired-out notes that yield a prim, spotless, proverbially pure effect - and it's refreshing as hell.

Pure and Simple Fragrances:

(Schaffner, L. "Clean Slate." Allure Feb. 2016: 104-108)

Calvin Klein CK2 Perfume editorial
Allure - Feb 2016
Calvin Klein CK2

Beauty Reporter - Two for All
It's been 21 years since CK One was unleashed to the world as the first unisex fragrance from Calvin Klein. And now CK2 - a fresh scent with mandarin, vetiver, incense, sandalwood, wasabi, and an accord called wet cobblestones - is defying the dictum that the sequel is never as good as the original. As much as we're digging the fragrance, the bottle has us swooning. The clear tube sits right-side up or upside down in its stand. Get it? It goes both ways. Think if it as a clever design metaphor for a fragrance meant for men or women, gay or straight, transgender, pangender, or postgender. Or, to put it simply, anyone who answers to the label "human."

(Pergament, D. "Beauty Reporter: Two for All." Allure Feb. 2016: 52)

Calvin Klein CK2 Fragrance editorial
InStyle - Feb 2016
Calvin Klein CK2

What's Now! - A Nose for the Here and Now
Kids these days, amirite?! There's one company that can really capture the essence of modern youth, and that's Calvin Klein. In 1994 it bottled up the angsty spirit of Generation X with the citrusy unisex scent CK One. This month brings the millennials' update, CK2, which is just as unorthodox as today's young people. This woodsy blend contains unique notes like salty wasabi, wet cobblestones, and orris concrete. "It has duality of electic freshness and magnetic warmth," says the fragrance developer, Ann Gottlieb. Though perhaps the ultimate expression of right now is its label-less label: not unisex, but gender-free.

The eyes behind the lens help reflect the time: In the '90s it was Steven Meisel. Now it's the buzzy photographer Ryan McGinley.

CK One eau de toilette, ($69/6.7 fl. oz.) and CK2 eau de toilette ($75/3.4 fl. oz.);

("What's Now: A Nose for the Here and Now." InStyle Feb. 2016: 40)

Calvin Klein CK2 Perfume editorial
Cosmopolitan - Feb 2016
Calvin Klein CK2

Sexy beauty all month long.

21st Scentury
The most iconic fragrance of the '90s (or ever?) is CK2! Like CKOne, the sequel is housed in a minimalistic chic bottle and smells unisex - this time, it's all about crisp wasabi. Look for it on 2/2 (natch).

CALVIN KLEIN CK2 eau de toilette, $75; Macy's

(Pai, Deanna. "Beauty: Sexy Beauty All Month Long." Cosmopolitan Feb. 2016: 68)

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