IFF International Flavors & Fragrances

IFF International Flavors & Fragrances Perfume Manufacturer

IFF is an American flavoring and fragrance manufacturer.

International Flavors & Fragrances was founded in 1958 by the merger of van Ameringen-Heabler and Polak & Schwarz. Polak & Schwarz was founded by Joseph Polak and Leopold Schward in 1889 and produced concentrated fruit juices in Zutphen, a small Dutch town. A.L. van Ameringen went to work for the U.S. agent of Polak & Schwarz after immigrating to America in 1917. In 1929 he later started his own company, van Ameringen-Haebler, with colleague Dr. William T. Haebler.


"We will create unique, superior and economically competitive products through world-class integration of flavor/fragrance expertise, consumer insights and brand understanding. IFF will be the industry benchmark in providing superior fragrances and flavors to a global marketplace, supporting customers with innovative solutions that improve consumers' lives and well-being." --iff.com

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  • Address: 521 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019
  • Phone: 212-765-5500

Perfumers - Current and Former Noses

Alain Astori - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Alienor Massenet - Fine Fragrances, Paris (Left in 2015)
Anne Flipo - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Anne-Sophie Chapuis - Beauty Care, Paris
Antoine Lie - Senior Perfumer 2000-2003
Beatrice Piquet - Passed away in March 2010
Bruno Jovanovic - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Carlos Benaim - Fine Fragrances, New York
Carlos Vinals - 1985-1994, left for Givaudan
Cecile Matton - New York - Left for Mane in 2007
Christophe Laudamiel - Left IFF in December 2008
Clement Gavarry - Fine Fragrances, New York 2002-2017 - Left for Firmenich in 2017
Dennis Maroney - Beauty Care, New York
Dominique Ropion - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Domitille Bertier - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Fanny Bal
Jean-Charles Niel - Fine Fragrances, Grasse (LMR)
Jean Claude Delville - Left IFF in 2010
Jean-Christophe Herault - France
Jean-Francois Latty
Jean-Marc Chaillan - Fine Fragrances, New York
Jennifer Jambon - July-Aug. 2002, lab asst.; Dec. 2002-Feb.2006 odor evaluator; went to Cramer in June 2006
Jerry Caiazzo - Beauty Care, New York
Joe Ramsammi - Beauty Care/Extension Line, New York
Julien Rasquinet - Dubai, Paris
Juliette Karagueuzoglou - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Laurent Bruyere - Passed away in November 2008
Laurent Le Guernec - Fine Fragrances, New York
Loc Dong - Fine Fragrances, New York
Mackenzie Reilly - Junior Perfumer Fine Fragrances, New York since 2017
Marion Costero - Paris
Martine Pallix - Beauty Care (Fine Fragrances), Paris (retired)
Mary Shroff - Beauty Care, New York
Max Gavarry - Fine Fragrances, Grasse (LMR)
Nathalie Lorson - Fine Fragrances, Paris (1987-2000)
Nicolas Beaulieu - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Olivier Polge - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Pascal Gaurin - Fine Fragrances, New York
Pierre Wargnye - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Pierre-Yves Carriou - Beauty Care, Paris
Sandrine Malin - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Sophia Grojsman - Fine Fragrances, New York
Sophie Labbe - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Tony Mills - Beauty Care, Paris
Veronique Nyberg - Fine Fragrances, Paris
Yves Cassar - Fine Fragrances, New York

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