Jean-Francois Latty

Perfumer Jean-Francois Latty

Jean-Francois Latty was a longtime perfumer. He studied perfumery at the Roure Perfume Institute in Grasse, France. He worked at IFF, Roure, and Takasago. Focused on natural ingredients, he formed JFL Creations in 2000. He became the in-house perfumer of niche brand Teo Cabanel in 2013. Latty passed away in December 2018. In his long career he created fragrances for Clarins, Yves Saint Laurent, and Givenchy.

Latest Fragrance Creations

All Perfumes created by Jean-Francois Latty

Antonio Puig

Brummel - 1975


Givenchy III - 1970

Jil Sander

Background - 1993


Sculpture - 1994

Teo Cabanel

Alahine - 2007
Barkhane - 2013
Early Roses - 2010
Julia - 2005
Meloe - 2008
Oha - 2005

Yves Saint Laurent

Jazz - 1988

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