Mackenzie Reilly

Perfumer Mackenzie Reilly

Mackenzie Reilly is a fine fragrance perfumer at IFF in New York. She joined IFF in 2010 as an assistant before admission into the IFF Perfumer School in 2013. Reilly has a minimalistic approach and is a stong advocate of the IFF Laboratoire Monique Remy (LMR) natural products. She is inspired by fellow perfumera Sophia Grojsman and Carlos Benaim. Mackenzie has created fragrances for A Lab On Fire, Masque Milano, and Maison d'Etto.

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Latest Fragrance Creations

All Perfumes created by Mackenzie Reilly

A Lab On Fire

California Snow - 2017
Hossegor - 2018


Ashore - 2020
Meander - 2020


Far Away Glamour - 2019 (with Jean-Marc Chaillan and Veronica Casanova)

Caswell Massey

Yellowstone Lake - 2019
Yellowstone Mammoth - 2019
Yellowstone Tower Fall - 2019

Ignacio Figueras Collection

Palm Beach - 2019

Maison d'Etto

Macanudo - 2019

Sana Jardin

Berber Blone - 2017 (with Carlos Benaim)
Savage Jasmine - 2017 (with Carlos Benaim)

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