Celine Dion Signature Perfume

Celine Dion Signature - eau de toilette for women

Signature by Celine Dion - "Celine Dion Signature is a fragrance inspired by the extraordinary connection that Celine has with her fans. As memorable and timeless as Celine Dion herself, this fragrance is classic and elegant with modern sophistication. This makes it truly unforgettable. Celine Dion Signature is a classic fragrance with sparkling and sophisticated notes that evoke a timeless allure." --celinedionbeauty.com

Perfume House Celine Dion
Introduced September 2011
Tagline Be impossible to forget.
Scent Classification Floral Woody Musk
Perfumer Ilias Ermenidis (Firmenich)
Fragrance Notes Top - mimosa blossom, Pink Lady apple, guava
Heart - rose essence, Indian jasmine, magnolia blossom
Base - sensual musk, amberwood, sandalwood
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign Celine Dion (model), Peter Lindbergh (photographer)
Available Products Celine Dion Signature - Eau de Toilette 0.5oz / $17, 1oz / $27, 1.7oz / $34

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Celine Dion Signature Perfume
Celine Dion Signature Perfume
Celine Dion - Sept 2011

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Celine Dion Perfumes
Allure Magazine - Mar. 2012
Celine Dion Perfumes

The Smell of Success - Since Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds launched the celebrity-fragrance phenomenon in 1991, everyone from Bruce Willis to Danielle Steele has taken a shot at bottling their fame. A select few have become trure perfume moguls. After all, a singer rarely releases just one song. Here's to the most prolific perfumers in entertainment.

Celine Dion - Number of fragrances: 15
Philosophy: "Like creating music, it's important that beauty products appeal to both one's senses and emotions," says Dion.
Base Notes: A lover of msculine scents -- specifically Guerlain Vetiver -- Dion includes wood notes in all her fragrances.
Unlikely Inspiration: Dion instructs her perfumers to avoid fruit notes; she thinks they smell like shampoo.
Big In: The Netherlands, Poland, and Romania (but less so in France, where Dion's music tops the charts).
(Owens, Amanda. "Beauty and the Beat." Allure Mar. 2012: 193.)

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