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Fragrance Articles & Editorials

Signature Scents Signature Scents
New fall fragrances. Which will be your next signature scent?

How to Pick a Floral Fragrance How to Pick a Floral Fragrance
Florals may be the most popular scents, but choosing the right one is tricky. Fragrance is still an effective way to express your personality, and the most popular choice by far have always been florals.

Bewitch Him with Scent Bewitch Him with Scent
New science suggests certain perfumes can subconsciously make a tough-to-pin-down man see you as absolutely irresistible. These love potions will help you get exactly what you want.

The Season's Best Smelling Perfumes The Season's Best Smelling Perfumes
Snag the season's best-smelling spritzes for your own stash, or gift them to those who helped make your year amazing.

The Best Drugstore Perfumes Drugstore Guide to the Best Scents
The ultimate drugstore guide, affordable perfumes. The best scents on the shelves by top perfume reviewer.

Fall's Perfect Floral Fragrances Fall's Perfect Floral Fragrances
Fall's Fresh Picks... from JASMINE to PEONY to classic ROSE, fall's new scents are bursting with blooms. The pros help us sniff out the best blends for you.

Sillage, The Scent Trail Sillage, The Scent Trail
The fragrance trail, sillage, is perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of perfumery. Many people associate its presence with the type of walloping, intrusive fragrances that can turn a crowded cinema into a gas chamber. But it's actually something entirely different, and -- in intention, at least -- thoroughly elegant. The word sillage is French for "wake," like that left by a boat as it moves through water.

Instant Pick-You-Up Perfumes Instant Pick-You-Up Perfumes
"It's been proven that certain scents can make you feel happy," says Stephen Warrenburg, research fellow at International Flavors & Fragrances, a sort of scent think tank. "It's like someone doing something nice for you -- some fragrances give that same boost in mood."

Pick Your Perfect Scent Pick Your Perfect Scent
The fragrance you wear is as much as part of your personal styles as your clothes and make up. Whether you're selecting a scent for yourself or as a gift, this fragrance finder will help clear the air about how to find the perfect scent for any style.

Perfume Notes from Abroad Perfume Notes from Abroad
Can you bottle up a beloved destingation? Take a trip to the far-flung locales that inspired these superb scents.

Unforgettable Fall Fragrances Unforgettable Fall Fragrances
Love is in the air! A pretty scent can be as unforgettable as your first crush. So find the fall fragrance that brings back those butterflies all over again.

Harvest the Scent of Apples Harvest the Scent of Apples - New Perfumes, Bath and Home Fragrances
Celebrate the fall season with the succulent scent of apples in your fragrances. New perfumes, bath, and home fragrances.

Fragrance Families Fragrance Families - How to Find a New Scent
Last year, there were 760 new women's scents, and that's not counting the thousands already lining the display shelves. Where do you start? Narrow your preferences to a single family -- though be warned: The experts don't always agree on categorizations.

Fall's Top Notes Fall's Top Notes - New Perfumes
Too many fragrances try to please everyone at the same time and become nondescript as a result. The most interesting fragrances this season take one idea and illustrate it well. They have structures that are rooted in the past, but they are not copies -- they are very good, modern renditions of classics.

Allure's Best of Beauty Scents Allure's Best of Beauty - Scent
It's amazing what a spritz can do. These gorgeous blends are confidence, sex appeal, and happiness in a bottle.

New Scents for Old Favorites New Scents for Old Favorites
How one perfumista took her one-trick-pony-perfume gal-pal to the Dillard's perfume counters and changed the way she smelled forever! And new fall-fragrance replacements for old perfume favorites.

10 Guy Magnet Scents 10 Guy-Magnet Scents - New Fragrances
...according to guys! We forced them to sniff all the latest scents, and these got the highest marks.

Super Stylish Scents Super Stylish Scents
We tracked down 10 top tastemakers and coaxed them into sharing the guiding philosophies of their exquisite taste and the sources behind their impeccable style -- from jeans to jewels, plus all the genius beauty tricks they just can't live without (and think you shouldn't either).

The Art of Fashion and Fragrance The Art of Fashion and Fragrance: Elsa Schiaparelli
Our list of perfumes and fragrances released in October 2011. Perfumes, bath and body, and home fragrances. (Originally published on Fine Art Registry)

House Blends Designer Fragrances House Blends, Designer Fragrances
In the fashion world, designer fragrances are where mythology meets mixology. Here, the elements that inspired three of the season's chicest new brews.

Scents of Style Scents of Style
Take a look to the next level - pair your fashion vibe with the perfect fragrance.

Fall's Most Fashionable Fragrances Fall's Most Fashionable Fragrances
The Muses! The Magic! Fall's most fashionable fragrances. Fashion's top designers have taken a keen interest in fragrance this fall, presenting scent statements steeped in their design DNA.

Waiting to Inhale Fragrances Waiting to Inhale, Fragrances
These new scents range from crisp and clean to deliciously sweet. Discover your perfect blend.

Sexiest Fall Fragrances Drop-Dead Sexiest Fall Fragrances
Patchouli is all the rage this season, and fragrance experts say the scent is a serious aphrodisiac.

New Fragrances Hitting the High Notes New Fragrances Hitting the High Notes
Eight alluring new fragrances to jazz up cooler days and nights.

Scent-sationals Spring Fragrances Scent-sational Spring Fragrances
12 new fragrances that hit all the right notes. Fruity florals, sugary sweets, and woodsy blossoms.

New Spring Fragrances Spring Awakenings New Fragrances
Spring trio of David Yurman's Essence Collection and seven more of this season's most captivating new fragrances.

Garden Party Spring Fragrance Garden Party Spring Fragrances
"You don't need a green thumb to enjoy lush blooms this season. From Chanel's botanical-print dresses to Stila's whimsical makeup palette, pastel floral motifs are everywhere -- showcasing pink in every possible shade from pale to punk. Even the latest crop of spring scents is coming up roses, a refreshing change after years of gourmand chocolate and vanilla blends."

Spring Florals Spring Florals Eau Yes
"Stop and smell the roses -- and the peonies, violets and apple blossoms. This spring's bouquet of fragrances is all about florals. Their delicate scents are feminine, classic and come in a full range of notes so there's something for everyone."

Past Notes Past Notes
"The perfume of the soul is rememberance," the French novelist George Sand once wrote. Spring's best fragrances provide a glimpse back to bygone eras as well as a nod to the future."

Wild Rose Fragrances Wild Roses Fragrances
"Powdery, soft, sweet -- you may think you know what a rose smells like, but these new blooms aren't exactly garden variety."

Coming Up Roses Coming Up Roses
"Forget all your preconceived ideas about rose fragrances - like the flowers themselves, they can be wildly different. In nature... generally, the darker the color of the flower, the warmer the scent."

Eau Natual Perfumes Eau Natural
"Natural fragrances, once a paltry bunch of earthy oils, have grown in both number and sophistication."

Everything you need to know about fragrance Everything You Need To Know About Fragrance
What makes a perfume last? How do you know when you're wearing too much? Read on for these and other scent secrets.

New Scents New Scents He Wants To Smell On You
Valentine's Day (or any night you expect some hot action) is the ideal time to test-drive a new fragrance. The smell will create a sexy scent memory.

Outside the Bottle Outside the Bottle
The fragrance counter offers almost as many choices as Starbucks. Perfumer Kilian Hennessy helps u decode it all.

Sniff Test Sniff Test
A scent's name, ad, or bottle can influence its effect on us. We placed eight new ones in unmarked vessels and asked Givaudan perfumer Calice Becker and scent expert Jan Moran to describe them.

She said, He Said She Said / He Said - Men's Fragrances
Boyfriends may come and go - but what about their scents? Allure editors and their significant others smelled the latest batch of men's fragrances to see which faded prematurely and which an appealing (not cloying) way.

Old Spice Old Spice - Men's Fragrances
Perhaps the least controversial dispatch from the Middle East in decades is about oud fragrance, the warm, musky bouquet that is making its way west.

Who's your scent soul mate Who's Your Scent Soul Mate?
Follow the trail to your perfect celeb fragrance! Celebrity perfume from Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Jordin Sparks.

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