Fall's Perfect Floral Fragrances

From JASMINE to PEONY to classic ROSE, fall's new scents are bursting with blooms. The pros help us sniff out the best blends for you.

Excerpts from a fragrance editorial, Your Perfect Floral Fragrance, in InStyle Magazine, November 2011 issue.

Fall's Fresh Picks...


Jasmine - for the subtle seductress

With its earthy, slightly spicy quality, this white flower is "sensual and even a bit dirty-smelling," says perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux. "It adds warmth to any fragrance. Good in Bed. Studies have shown that the scent of jasmine (in the air, on your sheets) can help bring on a more restful night's sleep.

Bvlgari Jasmin Noir L'Essence perfume

Bulgari Jasmin Noir L'Essence
The deep, dark side of jasmine takes center stage in this mix, which is also spiked with incense-like myrrh. Eau de parfum, $105/1.7 oz.; at Nordstrom.
Floral Oriental, released Oct 2011

Etro Paisley perfume

Etro Paisley
Give the patchouli-tinged juice a minute to mellow on your skin -- the spicy aroma soon reveals notes of flowery jasmine and ylang-ylang. Eau de parfum, $190/100 ml; etro.com.
Spicy Floral, released Aug 2011

S by Shakirao Eau Florale perfume

S by Shakira Eau Florale
Jasmine is lightened up when surrounded by bright, juicy fruits like blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry. Eau de toilette, $35/1.7 oz.; at Walgreens.
Fruity Floral, released Jun 2011

Peony - for the eternal good girl

"Imagine a cross between rose and lily of the valley -- only it's lighter than a rose," says perfumer Carlos Benaim. That soft scent can suit a sweet, youthful spirit; there's nothing heavy or in-your-face about it. Isn't it Romantic? Said to be a symbol of a happy marriage, peonies were decorative flowers at the weddings of both Salma Hayek and Julia Roberts.

Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria perfume

Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria
Yummy peach blossom and raspberry bring a delectable element that works with the lightness of pink peony and tiger orchid. Eau de parfum, $80/3.4 oz.; macys.com.
Fruit Floriental, released Sept 2011

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola perfume

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!
Oh, so fun! You can easily nose out its floral heart of peony and magnolia, which is mingled with ripe raspberry and pear. Eau de parfum, $88/3.4oz.; bloomingdales.com.
Fruity Floral, released Jul 2011

Violet - for the woman of mystery

Like you, the violet has many sides. Consider it a case of dual personalities. The flower smells soft and powdery and at times a bit woodsy in fragrances, while its leaf has a more verdant scent. Both are used in perfumes, but look for violet flower if you're drawn to ones with a retro vibe. Choose violet leaf if you prefer a potion that's a little earthier. Baby Love - When Jennifer Garner named her firstborn Violet in 2005, it was America's 375nd most popular girl's name. Last year is moved up to No. 123 on the list.

Bobbi Brown Bobbi's Party perfume

Bobbi's Party
Violet leaves and rose petals produce an intriguing scent that's clean and surprisingly unflowery. Eau de parfum, $60/50 ml; available November at bobbibrown.com.
Floral, released Nov 2011

Tom Ford Violet Blonde perfume

Tom Ford Violet Blonde
Thanks to an infusion of notes like orris root (the rootstock of the iris flower), this violet-leaf perfume is decidedly woodsy. Eau de parfum, $100/50 ml; at Saks Fifth Avenue.
Floral Musk, released Sept 2011

Diane by Diane Von Furstenberg perfume

Diane by Diane Von Furstenberg
This inclusion of violets helps add depth to the tropical notes of frangipani. "They are my two favorite flowers," says designer Diane von Furstenberg of the two included in her namesake perfume.
Woody Floral, released Sept 2011


Tuberose - for the unapologetic bombshell

Intoxicating. Loud. Sensual. Sexy. That's how perfumers describe this heady white flower that can lend a creamy, almost coconut-like aroma to a fragrance, says perfumer Frédéric Malle. If you love being in the limelight, this could be your calling card. "You can't miss a scent with tuberose in it -- it's like saying, 'I'm here, watch me!'" says perfumer Bruno Jovanovic.

Michael Kors Gold perfume

Michael Kors Gold
Mixed with magnolia and freesia, this blend offers a slightly lighter take on the classic scent. "It's for the woman who perhaps hasn't worn tuberose before because she thinks it'll be too much," says designer Michael Kors. "This is her entrée into a white floral." Eau de parfum, $75/1.7 oz.; at Macy's.
Woody Floral, released Fall 2011

Mary J. Blige My Life Blossom perfume

Mary J. Blige My Life Blossom
Combined with other white flowers -- such as orange blossom and jasmine -- tuberose yields a wonderfully potent bouquet. This elixir commands as much attention as the star who helped create it. Eau de parfum, $55/1.7 oz.; hsn.com.
Woody Floral, released Aug 2011


Rose - for the classic romantic

Think of rose as you do your little black dress: timelessly feminine. The flower's clean, slightly sweet smell is one of the oldest and most popular elements used in perfumes history. "It's not for a radical person," says Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Rose imparts a sense of romanticism -- even purity -- to a scent, making it just right for the traditionalist at heart. Pucker Up. You may be wearing a rose scent already and not even realize it. Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine lipstick is subtly scented with rose and vanilla.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir perfume

Givenchy Dahlia Noir
"It's sensual and romantic," says Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy's creative director, of his first fragrance. Rose and powdery iris give it softness, while notes of patchouli and sandalwood bring a dash of sex appeal. Eau de parfum, $110/2.5 oz.; at Neiman Marcus.
Floral Chypre, released Aug 2011

Yves Rocher Moment de Bonheur perfume

Yves Rocher Moment de Bonheur
This scent is fresh and realistic, like a batch of newly cut roses. Eau de parfum, $58/1.7 oz.; yvesrocherusa.com.
Green Floral, released Sept 2011

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose perfume

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose
A burst of raspberry adds a playful fruitiness to its rosy heart. Eau de parfum, $44/1 oz.; available in November at lancome-usa.com.
Fruity Floral, released Sept 2011

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom - for the sporty sophisticate

Do you like to smell clean and fresh but still feminine? Then perhaps this bloom's for you. Contrary to what you might assume, this flower does not have an overwhelming citrus quality, says Carlos Benaim. Like any white floral, it has a touch of headiness, but it's lightened up by a delicate fruitiness. A Dash of This... Orange flower water is a traditional flavoring in Middle Eastern cuisine. It's also a key ingredient in the classic New Orleans cocktail known as the Ramos gin fizz.

Elie Saab Le Parfum perfume

Elie Saab Le Parfum
Even with patchouli and two fragrant white flowers -- orange blossom and jasmine -- this spray is as light as a garden breeze. Eau de parfum, $120/3 oz.; at Bloomingdale's.
Floral, released Jul 2011

By Kilian Sweet Redemption perfume

By Kilian Sweet Redemption
Orange blossom mixed with bitter orange-leaf absolute and vanilla make a unique citrus blend that's both bitter and sweet. Eau de parfum, $225/1.7 oz.; bergdorfgoodman.com.
Powdery Woods, released Jun 2011

("Beauty: Fragrance - Your Perfect Floral Fragrance." InStyle Nov. 2011: 209-214.)

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