Tom Ford Violet Blonde Perfume

Tom Ford Violet Blonde - eau de parfum for women

Violet Blonde by Tom Ford - "Tom Ford presents a stunning new scent for a new era of feminine glamour. Tom Ford Violet Blonde is an opulent and dressed-up fragrance that reveals a stunning new facet of violet: ravishing, intriguing elegance. Made with some of the most precious ingredients in the world, it is crafter accordingly to the finest traditions of European perfumery."

Perfume House   Tom Ford
Introduced September 2011
Tagline --
Scent Classification Floral Musk
Perfumer --
Fragrance Notes Violet Leaf, Orris, Jasmine, Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Benzoin, Cedar, Vetiver, Musk, Suede
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign Lara Stone (model); Mert & Marcus (photographers)
Available Products Tom Ford Violet Blonde - Eau de Parfum 1.7oz ($100), 3.4oz ($145)

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Violet Blonde Tom Ford fragrances
Tom Ford Violet Blonde, Eau de Parfum
Tom Ford - Lara Stone, Sept 2011
Violet Blonde Tom Ford perfumes
Violet Blonde Tom Ford Perfume
Tom Ford - Lara Stone, Oct 2011
Tom Ford Violet Blonde perfume
Tom Ford Violet Blonde Perfume
Tom Ford - Oct 2011

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Tom Form Violet Blonde Perfume
Marie Claire Magazine - May 2012
Tom Form Violet Blonde Perfume

Foreign Exchange
MC's international beauty editors dish on what's hot in every hemisphere.

Maroesja de Ruyter - Beauty & lifestyle director, Marie Claire The Netherlands. "A sexy blend of violet, rose, and musk."
Tom Ford Violet Blonde Eau de Parfum, $100.

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(Choi, Maureen. "101 Ideas: Foreign Exchange." Marie Claire May 2012: 144)

Tom Ford Violet Blonde Perfume
InStyle Magazine - Nov. 2011
Tom Form Violet Blonde Perfume

Violet - Like you, the violet has many sides. Consider it a case of dual personalities. The flower smells soft and powdery and at times a bit woodsy in fragrances, while its leaf has a more verdant scent. Both are used in perfumes, but look for violet flower if you're drawn to ones with a retro vibe. Choose violet leaf if you prefer a potion that's a little earthier. Tom Ford Violet Blonde. Thanks to an infusion of notes like orris root (the rootstock of the iris flower), this violet-leaf perfume is decidedly woodsy. Eau de parfum, $100/50 ml; at Saks Fifth Avenue.
("Fragrance: Your Perfect Floral Fragrance." InStyle Nov. 2011: 212.)

Tom Ford Violet Blonde Perfume
InStyle Magazine - Nov. 2011
Tom Form Violet Blonde Perfume

Lush Life - What makes a woman sexy? Just ask Tom Ford. The designer-provocateur, who launches a new beauty line and fragrances this month.... From his legendary stint at Gucci, to his triumphant return last year to women's fashion, one truth remains constant: A Tom Ford creation will never be shy or retiring. Inspired by the lush paintings of Spanish artist Francisco de Goya, Ford's fall collection -- full of ravishing hues, impeccable tailoring, and over-the-top froufrou -- is decidedly modern. And, of course, sexy. The same could be said of his three new fragrances, Jasmin Rouge, Santal Blush, and Violet Blonde, and his first full makeup and skin-care line, debuting this month. "I like strong fragrances and I like strong color," says Ford. Yet the laser-focused designer -- and occasional filmmaker -- is a more relaxed guy than you might imagine... How do you approach fragrance? I don't make anything that smells like a watery splash. They are all potent. I tend toward amber, patchouli, and sandalwood notes, and I love jasmine. What kind of woman would choose Violet Blonde? Any woman can wear it to convey her most polished, "dressed" self. It's graceful, elegant. What about the others? Santal Blush feels link the nude, natural sun-goddess look. Its counterpart, Jasmin Rouge, is more full-on, high-evening.
(Allis, Tim. "Lush Life: Tom Ford." InStyle Nov. 2011: 312-314.)

Tom Ford Violet Blonde Perfume
Glamour Magazine - Nov. 2011
Tom Form Violet Blonde Perfume

Musk - Musk, a note in Tom Ford Violet Blonde ($100 for 1.7 oz.,, is "sensual" and "connotes elegance," says Warrenburg. Nothing wrong with that!
("3 Instant Pick-You-Up Perfumes." Glamour Nov. 2011: 124.)

Tom Ford's Latest - Tom Ford's Violet Blonde ($62), infused with violet leaf, jasmine, and suede, is lush, sensual, and unquestionably elegant. Lara Stone is the face of Violet Blonde.
("Best Beauty." Harper's Bazaar Sept. 2011:370.)

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