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Patchouli Imperial by Christian Dior - "Potent and sensual, Patchouli is an essential House of Dior ingredient that took up its place at the beginning of the New Look revolution in 1947. Full of elegance, Francois Demachy's composition, Patchouli Impérial, is a celebration of this legendary oriental ingredient with notes as sultry as they are sophisticated. 'Patchouli is a major note, the most animal of all the plant notes. It is refined, revealing unprecedented elegance.'"  --dior.com

Perfume House   Dior
Introduced Fall 2011
Tagline --
Scent Classification Woody Oriental
Perfumer Francois Demachy
Fragrance Notes Russian Coriander, Indonesian Patchouli, Sandalwood
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign --
Available Products Dior La Collection - Patchouli Imperial Fragrance Spray 125ml($150), 250ml, 450ml

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La Collection Privée Christian Dior Patchouli Impérial

Olfactory Notes - Woody Oriental
A noble and contemporary Indonesian Patchouli enhanced by the contrast of a fresh opening note and a darkly splendid woody base.

Top Note: - Russian Coriander
Russian Coriander is a spicy herb. Both peppery and slightly tangy, it adds boldness to the head notes of Patchouli Imperial.

Heart Note: - Indonesian Patchouli
Indispensable to any perfumer, patchouli essence is obtained through steam distillation of the dried leaves. It is to be found in chypre, woody and oriental fragrances. This valued ingredient forms the heart note of Patchouli Imperial.

Base Note: - Essence of Sandalwood
Praised by perfumers for its warm, balsamic notes, sandalwood exemplifies voluptuousness and sensuality in fragrances. It brings its elegance, volume and originality to the composition of Patchouli Imperial.
Source: www.dior.com (Sept. 2011)

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Dior Patchouli Imperial Perfume
Allure Magazine - Feb. 2012
Dior Patchouli Imperial

New Bohemians
Patchouli may no longer be hippie, but as evidenced by some new fragrances, it's definitely hip. Meet some of the latest scents on the scene.

Unisex - The deep, spicy Dior Patchouli Imperial has hints of coriander, mandarin, and cedar.

(Malle, Frederic. "The Fragrance Guy: The New Patchouli." Allure Feb. 2012: 86.)

Dior Patchouli Imperial Perfume
Marie Claire Magazine - Nov. 2011
Dior Patchouli Imperial

Notes from Abroad - Can you bottle up a beloved destingation? Take a trip to the far-flung locales that inspired these superb scents.

Southeast Asia - Deep notes of patchouli, coriander, and cedar evoke the South Pacific in Christian Dior Patchouli Imperial Eau de Parfum, $225.

(Chu, Ying. "Beauty: Notes from Abroad." Marie Claire Nov. 2011: 205-208.)

Patchouli - Patchouli is all the rage this season, and fragrance experts say the scent is a serious aphrodisiac. We love these perfumes because they're all laced with the musky scent...but them mixed with feminine tones, like rose, jasmine, and berries, so you end up smelling sexy-fresh, not dirty-hippie. Dior Patchouli Imperial, $150.
("Ask Cosmo: Drop-Dead Sexiest Fall Fragrances." Cosmopolitan Sept. 2011: 48.)

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