Drop-Dead Sexiest Fall Fragrances

Of the new fall fragrances, which are the drop-dead sexiest?
Patchouli is all the rage this season, and fragrance experts say the scent is a serious aphrodisiac. We love the perfumes [below] because they're all laced with the musky scent...but them mixed with feminine tones, like rose, jasmine, and berries, so you end up smelling sexy-fresh, not dirty-hippie.

Excerpts from a fragrance editorial, Ask Cosmo, in Cosmopolitan Magazine, September 2011 issue.

Angel Thierry Mugler fragrances

Angel Eau de Toilette, $67
Patchouli paired with gourmand notes of honey, vanilla, caramel, and chocolate.

Elie Saab Le Parfum Elie Saab Perfumes

Le Parfum, $90
Floral notes of orange blossom and jasmine mix with cedar and patchouli.

Fan di Fendi fragrances

Fan di Fendi, $76
Patchouli and leather accord blended with pepper, jasmine, rose and tuberose.

Patchouli Imperial Dior fragrances

Patchouli Imperial, $150
Sandalwood and Russian coriander are added to Indonesian patchouli in this woody oriental.

("Ask Cosmo." Cosmopolitan Magazine Sept. 2011: 48.)

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