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Fan di Fendi - eau de parfum for women

Fan di Fendi by Fendi - "Fan di Fendi is the fragrance you just adore. A glamorous chunk of sensual gold you cannot resist. Like a hit refrain, Fan di Fendi is insistent, addictive and irresistible. Electrifying and possessing you, haunting you. Getting under your skin, inhabiting you. The ultimate must-have for the Fan di Fendi! Who is she? She is a girl of the night. Fun-loving and free. Crazy about life, luxury and everything lovely. Sensual, electrifuing and playful. She is Fan di Fendi, the Fendi woman, a faithful fan of Fendi. The new perfume by Fendi diffuses Roman sun and electric nights, leather and roses, luxury and seduction."

Perfume House   Fendi
Introduced September 2011
Tagline --
Scent Classification Floral
Perfumer Delphine Lebeau-Krowiak and Francois Demachy
Fragrance Notes Top - Pear, Black Currant, Tangerine, Pink Peppercorns
Heart - Damascena Rose, Yellow Jasmine, Tuberose
Base - Brich-based Leather Accord, Patchouli
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign Anja Rubik, Karmen Pedaru, Abbey Lee Kershaw (models)
Available Products Fan di Fendi - Eau de Parfum 1oz, 1.7oz, 2.5oz / $56-92
Fan di Fendi - Body Lotion 5oz / $44
Fan di Fendi - Shower Gel 5oz
Fan di Fendi - Deodorant Spray 3.4oz

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Le Parfum Elie Saab fragrances
Fan di Fendi, Eau de Parfum
Fendi - Anja Rubik, Karmen Pedaru, Abbey Lee Kershaw, 2011
Fan di Fendi perfumes
Fan di Fendi Perfume
Fendi - Vogue Oct 2011
Fan di Fendi perfumes
Fan di Fendi Perfume
Fendi - Vogue Oct 2011
Fan di Fendi perfumes
Fan di Fendi Perfume
Fendi - Cosmopolitan, Oct 2011

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Fan di Fendi perfume
Allure Magazine - Nov 2011
Fan di Fendi Perfume

Italian Style
With Calabrian tangerine, jasmine, and leather -- and a bottle inspired by Fendi's Baguette and Peekaboo handbags -- the new Fan di Fendi perfume sounds like Italy's latest hot export. We brought the scent to Eataly, and Italian-food mecca in New York City, to test its authenticity.

"It makes you imagine yourself at a cafe while traveling. It's distinct," Jenny.

"I smell leather and jasmine. It's subtle and reminds me of Italy," Andrea.

"I picture fall -- walking in Central Park when the leaves are turning," Linda.

(Owens, Alexandra. "Beauty Reporter: Smell This." Allure Nov. 2011: 52)

Fan di Fendi perfume
Seventeen Magazine - Nov 2011
Fan di Fendi Perfume

Love is in the air! - A pretty scent can be as unforgettable as your first crush. So find the fall fragrance that brings back those butterflies all over again.

Lust at First Sight - Like lightning in a bottle, these spicy notes make you feel instant chemisty!

Ultimate Fantasy - A hint of tough-girl leather mixed with warm jasmine makes you the alluring girl he wants...but can't have. Try: Fan di Fendi Eau de Parfum, $76, Sephora stores.

Other perfumes in Lust at First Sight
- Burberry Body
- Dior Addict to Life
- ck one Shock for Her
- Beyonce Pulse
- Betsey Johnson Too Too

(Gray, Meredith. "Love is in the Air." Seventeen Nov. 2011: 140)

Fendi - "The perfume is like the Peekaboo bag: whispered, classic luxury." -Silvia Venturini Fendi. Every element of the Fan di Fendi fragrance and design was informed by the brand's heritage, Silvia Venturini Fendi explains. Known as the creative force behind It bags like the Baguette and Peekaboo, the designer turned to the house's unbiquitous gold double-F logo to punctuate the fragrance bottle. Perfumer Francois Demachy nodded to the runway's swingy furs, blending notes of leather and musk into the traditional base of Italian scents like Calabrian tangerine. The kicker? A trio of supermodels -- Karmen Pedaru, Anja Rubik, and Abbey Lee Kershaw -- star in the campaign. "They're strong women," says Venturini Fendi. "Just like fans of Fendi."
(Flaherty, Erin and Chu, Ying. "Beauty: In the Mood for All." Marie Claire Sept. 2011: 289.)

Scent & Style - Silvia Fendi is so excited about Fan di Fendi, a cocktail of pear and black currant, Damascus rose and jasmine, she's created an entire range of fall Fan di Fendi accessories -- sunglasses, day and evening clutches -- in trubute. -- Fendi Fever: Fan di Fendi fragrance.
(Brown, Sarah. "Beauty - Fragrance: Scent & Style." Vogue Sept. 2011:606-612.)

Patchouli - Patchouli is all the rage this season, and fragrance experts say the scent is a serious aphrodisiac. We love these perfumes because they're all laced with the musky scent...but them mixed with feminine tones, like rose, jasmine, and berries, so you end up smelling sexy-fresh, not dirty-hippie. Fan di Fendi, $76.
("Ask Cosmo: Drop-Dead Sexiest Fall Fragrances." Cosmopolitan Sept. 2011: 48.)

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