Scent-sational Spring Fragrances

Excerpts from a fragrance editorial, Scent-sational, in Woman's Day magazine.

12 new fragrances that hit all the right notes.

Woodsy Blossoms
Earthy cedar and sandalwood notes are planted firmly amoung those of freshly plucked tree fruits and flowers.

Country Chic Bath and Body Works fragrances

Bath & Body Works Country Chic Eau de Toilette pairs red apple and orange blossom with cedar and amber wood ($29.50 for 2.5 oz;

Reveal Halle Berry fragrances

Reveal by Halle Berry Eau de Parfum contains berries - as well as the essence of cashmere woods, musk, mimosa flower and honeydew ($28 for 1 oz;

Pretty Hot Elizabeth Arden fragrances

Red currant, amber and sandalwood ignite Elizabeth Arden's fiery Pretty Hot Eau de Parfum ($52 for 1.7 oz; at department stores).

Mysterio Daisy Fuentes fragrances

Daisy Fuentes Mysterio Eau de Parfum wafts alluring notes of white orchid, freesia, musk and sandalwood ($39.50 for 1.7 oz;

Fruity Florals
These airy picks are practically fresh from the garden.

Luv-a-licious Flirt fragrances

Peony, marigold and lychee live up Flirt! Luv-a-licious Perfume Spray ($35 for 1.7 oz;

Bombshell Victoria's Secret fragrances

In Victoria's Secret Bombshell Eau de Parfum orchid meets passion fruit ($45 for 1.7 oz;

Beautiful Estee Lauder fragrances

A soft version of Estee Lauder Beautiful parfum, the Eau de Toilette spray has a lighter concentration of rose and mandarin oils ($55 for 1.7 oz;

Thinking of You Mary Kay fragrances

Peach brightens lily of the valley essence in Mary Kay Thinking of You Eau de Parfum ($30 for 1 oz;

Sugary Sweets
The recipe for these sprays: pure sugar and exotic ingredients.

Indian Coconut Nectar Pacifica fragrances

Behold: vacation in a bottle. Vanilla and coconut in Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Perfume evoke a pina colada ($22 for 1 oz;

Brown Sugar Fresh fragrances

Sweet and tart, Fresh Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum incorporate notes of magnolia and honeysuckle ($32 for 1 oz;

Agave Nectar Thymes fragrances

Grapefruit and lemon balance agave's rich sweetness in Thymes Agave Nectar Cologne ($32 for 1.75 oz;

Vanilla Lavender Lavanila fragrances

Creamy vanilla bean warms the scent of lavender oil in Lavanila Vanilla Lavender ($39 for 1 oz;

("Beauty: Scent-sational." Woman's Day Apr. 2011: 59-61.)

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