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Fresh fragrances: by LVMH. Fragrance and soap company founded by Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg in 1991. Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy purchased the majority stake of the company in 2000. Learn more

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Fresh fragrance and perfume list.

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Fresh Perfumes (by year launched)

2018 - Rose Morning

2014 - Honeysuckle

2013 - Fresh Life

2010 - Brown Suger | Eat, Pray, Love

2009 - Citron de Vigne

2008 - Cannabis Rose | Strawberry Flowers

2007 - Hesperides Grapefruit | Mangosteen | Sugar Lychee | Violette

2006 - Cannabis Santal | Fresh Sugar Lychee

2005 - Fresh Index Fragrance Chronicles | Memoirs of a Geisha | Pink Jasmine | Sake

2004 - Sugar | Sugar Blossom

2003 - Tangerine Lychee | Tuberosa

2001 - Patchouli Pure

2000 - Sugar Lemon

1999 - Hombre de Flores: Jasminum, Narcissus, Plianthes Tuberosa | Pear Cassis | Redcurrant Basil | Sandalwood Vert | Tobacco Caramel

1998 - Cucumber Baie | Fig Apricot | Fleurs de Chocolat: Lucia, Manon, Mikado | Geranium Pepper | Index Amaryllis Cassis

1997 - Acqua di Miele | Bulgarian Rose | Fleurs de Chocolat | Pomegranate Anise | Violet Moss

1996 - Bergamot Citrus

Fresh - perfume and cosmetics house

Fresh founders

About Fresh
Founded by Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg in 1991, Fresh was a pioneer in using natural ingredients such as sugar, milk, soy, and rice in modern beauty treatments. Today, the Fresh collection encompasses not only indulgent skincare and bath treats but also innovative cosmetics, alluring fragrances, and signature candles.

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Tel. 1-800-373-7420

Fresh - perfume editorials

Cosmopolitan - May 2020

The 5 Types of Baths
Peruse, if you will, the unique forms of this, the most important relationship of our time: a woman and her tub.

The Too Broke for a Spa Bath
Est. 2018 when the last groupon was used
Our muse dangles her feet over the tub as she prepares for an hour of vigorous DIY masking and exfoliating. Later, she'll insist it felt better than any professional treatment could.

FRESH Sake Bath, $80
HELLEN Bath Brews, $65 to $85
PLAYA Healing Hair Masque, $38; California Salt Shampoo, $38
ORIGINS Original Skin Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay, $26
MOUNT LAI The De-Puffing Facial Roller, $34 to $44
ELEMIS Body Detox Skin Brush, $45

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(Buddemeyer, Ruby. "The 5 Types of Baths." Cosmopolitan May 2020: 122-127)

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