Fragrance Chronicles - fragrance set for women and men

Fragrance Chronicles by Fresh is a set of 15 fragrances for women and men. Launched back in 2004 the Index of eau de parfums included 15 Fresh classic scents in 5ml bottles. The "Index Fragrance Chronicle Gift Set" included: Bergamot Citrus, Bulgarian Rose, Cucumber Baie, Fleurs de Chocolat, Fig Apricot, Geranium Pepper, Patchouli Pure, Pear Cassis, Pomegrante Anise, Redcurrant Basil, Sandalwood Vert, Tangerine Lychee, Tobacco Caramel, Tuberosa, and Violet Moss. The gift box states that "alone or layered, these fragrances offer infinite possibilities" allowing you to customize your perfume to reflect your "mood, season, or occasion." These eau de parfum sprays were housed in mini classic Fresh perfume bottles.

Fresh Index Fragrance Chronicles
Fresh Index Fragrance Chronicles
Eau de Parfum Gift Set
Launched - 2004

Fresh Index Fragrance Chronicles

Fresh Index Fragrance Chronicles set

fresh INDEX eau de parfum Fragrance Chronicles
collection of fifteen scents 5ml x 15
Fresh Index is a library of distince fragrances. Index Fragrance Chronicles Gift Set featuring 15 Fresh classics, invites you to become your own perfumers. Alone or layered, these fragrances offer infinite possibilities to customize your fragrance based on your mood, season, or occasion.

1. Bergamot Citrus eau de parfum - 11/28/96
"respite by an ancient stone fountain..."

2. Bulgarian Rose eau de parfum - 03/18/97
"timeless and romantic, truly reminiscent of red roses..."

3. Cucumber Baie eau de parfum - 02/02/98
"a diaphanous memory of a summer by the Red Sea..."

4. Fig Apricot eau de parfum - 04/23/97
"rich dreamy moment spent gazing at a Renaissance painting..."

5. Fleurs de Chocolat eau de parfum - 08/02/97
"a chocolate diva with depth and drama..."

6. Geranium Pepper eau de parfum - 03/08/98
"a cargo of clear spices and exotic teas acquired on an expedition..."

7. Patchouli Pure eau de parfum - 06/01/01
The essence of patchouli, reinvented.
"a lazy fan stirs balmy midnight air..."

8. Pear Cassis eau de parfum - 03/11/99
"a perfect June day in Avignon..."

9. Pomegrante Anise eau de parfum - 11/02/97
"red lips beckon, a crisp winter kiss..."

10. Redcurrant Basil eau de parfum - 05/04/99
"a lazy afternoon in late summer visited by autumn's approach..."

11. Sandalwood Vert eau de parfum - 06/11/99
"wandering through a fall forest of sheer woods..."

12. Tangerine Lychee eau de parfum - 01/31/03
"desert oasis, filled with ripe golden fruit..."

13. Tobacco Caramel eau de parfum - 04/11/99
"echos of Billie Holiday in a fabled lounge..."

14. Tuberosa eau de parfum - 02/07/03
A sensual, full-bodied and creamy floral.
"evocative of a memory so rich it forever sustains the heart..."

15. Violet Moss eau de parfum - 03/15/97
"the serene moment following a spring shower..."

Fresh Inc. Boston 02210 USA - 75008 Paris France. ©2004. Made in France.

Fresh gift set label

Fresh Index Fragrance Chronicles fragrance

The Fresh Fragrance Chronicles gift set was available in an Eau de Parfum spray, $125 for 15 x 5ml. The set is discontinued.

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