Dior Poison Girl - perfume for women

Poison Girl by Dior - A new floral gourmand fragrance for women. Created by perfumer Francois Demachy, this sugary fragrance includes notes of sweet orange, bitter orange, neroli, Grasse rose, vanilla, and tonka bean. Housed in the original Veronique Monod designed Dior Poison perfume bottle of 1985, this scent, intended for a younger audience features a deep pink hue. Launched in January 2017 and available in an eau de toilette spray. Camille Rowe is the model for the Christian Dior Poison Girl fragrance campaign.

Dior Poison Girl Fragrance

Dior Poison Girl Perfume

Dior Poison Girl - fragrance info

Perfume House Dior
Introduced January 2017
Perfumer Francois Demachy
Scent Classification Floral Gourmand
Fragrance Notes Top -- Sicilian sweet orange, Calabrian bitter orange
Heart -- neroli, Grasse rose de mai, Damascan rose
Base -- vanilla, tonka bean
Package Design Dior Poison perfume bottle designed by Veronique Monod in 1985 have a dark pink hue.
Print/TV Campaign Models - Camille Rowe (2017)
Available Products Eau de Toilette 1 oz, 1.7 oz, 3.4 oz / $60-100

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Dior Poison Girl

"Poison Girl is the fragrance of a modern-day girl, free and sexy. A delicious trap that instantly poisons and draws out the pleasure to the point of addiction. Poison Girl makes a direct statement, ravishing and addictive. An immediate, in-your-face effect." --dior.com

Dior Poison Girl - perfume editorials

Dior Poison Girl Perfume editorial Marie Claire Popping Bottles
Marie Claire - March 2017
Dior Poison Girl

Fragrance Files - Popping Bottles
From the heady aroma to the mood-altering effects, a beautiful perfume has a lot in common with a great wine - just ask a sommelier. Divinely scented and crafted by trained specialists, perfumes can be sophisticated blends of distinguished provenance or simpler mixtures in flashy glass bottles that tell a story. Likewise, the same could be said of a wine. We asked Sarah Clarke, general manager of Osteria Mozza and beverage director for Mozza Restaurant Group in Los Angeles, to test out some new perfumes, giving us her first impressions (before she knew the notes used in the blend), and then a wine pairing and review after we gave her more details on the scents.

Dior Poison Girl ($78 for 1.7 oz., dior.com)
FIRST IMPRESSION: "There's a spicy orange-peel quality to this one, with a lot of underlying floral notes.
FRAGRANCE NOTES: Strikes a balance between Sicilian sweet orange, Calabrian bitter orange, and neroli, rose, vanilla, and tonka bean.
WINE EQUIVALENT: "I'm thinking of a Mantonico, a white varietal that's from Calabria, Italy, just like the bitter-orange note the perfumer used in this scent."
SOMMELIER VERDICT: "This smells like orange blossom and maybe even baby powder a bit. It's both sweet and spicy, and tickles your nose at the end."

Beautiful Perfumes are Like Wine:

(Goldstein, J. "Fragrance Files: Popping Bottles." Marie Claire Mar. 2017: 188-190)

Dior Poison Girl Perfume editorial Cosmo Models + Bottles
Cosmopolitan - February 2017
Dior Poison Girl

Models + Bottles
Our most scentsual story ever is back by popular demand! These hot dudes are here to introduce you to some of the sexiest date-night fragrances, ever!

Paolo Roldan - @JuanPaoloRoldan
Hometown - Quezon City, Philippines
What he finds sexy - Helping those in need [Editor's Note: Heart. Melted.]
The bottle - Dior Poison Girl Eau de Toilette, $78 for 1.7 oz. (dior.com) -- Consider this sensual and slightly naughty cocktail of neroli and citrus the sprayable version of a Rihanna track.
What he thinks - "My favorite place to smell this scent: definitely the neck."

Sexy Date-Night Perfumes:

(Balsamo, L. "Models + Bottles." Cosmopolitan Feb. 2017: 120-127)

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