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Flirt! fragrance and perfume list.

Flirt! fragrances: by Estee Lauder established in 2004 and was sold at Kohl's. This line is discontinued. Learn more

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Flirt! - perfume and cosmetics line

About Flirt!
FLIRT! is a super colorful makeup and fragrance line that invites you to have fun with your beauty routine and flirt with the possibilities. FLIRT! was established in 2004 and is available exclusively in the US at Kohl's.

Flirt is a discontinued brand of the Estee Lauder Companies. This Flirt Cosmetics and fragrance line was discontinued in 2014.

Contact Flirt!
Estee Lauder Companies - Contact for discontinued products: Tel. 1-212-572-4200 |

Flirt! Perfumes

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