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Harvey Prince Eau Flirt - eau de parfum for women

Eau Flirt by Harvey Prince - "Seductive. Sparkling. Wicked. It starts with whispers...'Who's that girl?' The irresistible and flirty fragrance of Eau Flirt captures the imagination of the entire room with the subtle, sexy allure of flowers and spice. 'What's her secret?' Lean in closer. The fragrance contains notes of pumpkin pie and lavender, which have been shown to evoke a more passionate response in men than any other smell. Why do men find these two scents so arousing? Experts believe men subconsciously associate pumpkin and lavender with happy, positive and stimulating memories. An encounter with Eau Flirt reveals top notes of sweet lavender and a cocktail of bright citrus, followed by a mingling of feminine florals freesia, ylang ylang and jasmine. Delicate spices and warm nighttime amber offer a graceful and balanced flourish." --harveyprince.com

Perfume House Harvey Prince
Introduced 2009
Tagline This perfume flirts for you.
Scent Classification --
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Fragrance Notes Lavender, Pumpkin Pie, Citrus, Jasmine, Freesia, Ylang Ylang, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Ambers
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Available Products Harvey Prince Eau Flirt - Eau de Parfum 0.3oz / 26, 1.7oz / $55, 3.4oz $98

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Eau Flirt Harvey Prince perfumes
Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Perfume
Harvey Prince - Allure, Dec 2011 (read more)

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Eau Flirt by Harvey Prince - This is Georgina. Here is her story. "Harvey, give me something exciting," she insisted. We handed her a small bottle, a mischievious elixir of lavender and pumpkin, and told her to write us. She had this to say: "I let a male friend smell it on me. His comment, 'Georgi, it's WICKED. All women should smell this good!' Harvey, this is a dramactically different perfume." Turns out Georgina was onto something. Eau Flirt won a blind smell test on the CBS Early Show, and women haven't stopped sending us their stories. What's yours? Eau Flirt by Harvey Prince. Real women. Real perfume. Stories, stuffers, and samples at harveyprince.com, 888-641-3938.
("Harvey Prince (advertisement)." Allure Dec. 2011: 119.)

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