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Lacoste Challenge - eau de toilette for men

Challenge by Lacoste - "Lacoste Challenge combines the immediate punchy vitality of its citrus and ginger aromatics with the depth richness and power of its woody base. A sense of casual elegance, destinated for all metropolitans with a playful spirit, captures the essence of self-assured and adventurous attitude of the modern Lacoste man."

Perfume House   Lacoste
Introduced 2009
Tagline Never resist the call of the game
Scent Classification Citrus
Perfumer --
Fragrance Notes Tangerine, Lemon (top); Ginger (heart); Teak, Ebony (base)
Package Designer "The Lacoste Challenge flacon is directly inspired by the shape of a tennis racket handle. The bottle is encased in a black 'soft touch' grip emblazoned with the Lacoste crocodile logo."
Print/TV Campaign Hayden Christensen (model, actor), Andy Roddick (model 04/2010, athlete)
Available Products Lacoste Challenge - Eau de Toilette 1.7oz, 2.5oz, 3oz
Lacoste Challenge - After Shave Lotion 5oz
Lacoste Challenge - After Shave Balm 2.5oz
Lacoste Challenge - Shower Gel 5oz
Lacoste Challenge - Deodorant Spray 5oz
Lacoste Challenge - Deodorant Stick 2.4oz
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cologne advertising campaign

Lacoste Challenge fragrance, Andy Roddick
Lacoste Challenge Cologne
Lacoste - Andy Roddick, 2010
Lacoste Challenge fragrance
Lacoste Challenge Cologne
Lacoste - Andy Roddick, 2010
Lacoste Challenge fragrance
Challenge Lacoste Fragrance
Lacoste - 2010
Lacoste Challenge, Hayden Christensen
Lacoste Challenge Cologne
Lacoste - Hayden Christensen, 2009
Lacoste Challenge fragrance, Hayden Christensen
Lacoste Challenge Eau de Toilette
Lacoste - Hayden Christensen, 2009
Lacoste Challenge, Hayden Christensen fragrance
Challenge, Eau de Toilette - Lacoste
Lacoste - Hayden Christensen, 2009
Lacoste Challenge fragrance
Lacoste Challenge Eau de Toilette
Lacoste - 2009

More Fragrance Details - Lacoste Challenge

Lacoste is proud to present its new exhilarating fragrance for men Challenge - a dynamic and energetic scent designed to inspired men to embrace the life's challenges with confidence, flair and enthusiasm. Never resist the call of the game. Feel the energy. Sense the excitement. Discover the fragrance.
Top Note: "The Serve" -- Tangerine-Lemon for Energy & Speed
Heart Note: "The Volley" -- Ginger for Impact & Vitality
Base Note: "The Baseline" -- Teak & Ebony for Depth & Power
Source:, January 2011.

Perfume Editorials

Dolce and Gabbana The One Gentleman fragrance
Cosmopolitan Magazine - Jan. 2011
Lacoste Challenge

Men vs. Women Studly Scents
Men's fragrances are enlisting celeb spokesmen to entice guys - and their girls - to pony up for a bottle. Via a poll, we asked dudes which of these hotties they'd most want to smell like - then asked women who they'd prefer. The sexes were in agreement on the number one contender.

Matthew McConaughey Dolce & Gabbana The One Gentleman, $73. Men: 47%; Women: 49%.
Tim McGraw McGraw Silver, $24.50. Men: 17%; Women: 22%.
Andy Roddick Lacoste Challenge, $50. Men: 20%; Women: 15%
Clive Owen Bulgari Man, $79. Men: 16%; Women: 14%.

("Beauty His Picks: Men vs. Women Studly Scents." Cosmopolitan Jan. 2011: 56)

Press Release - April 2010

"I'm thrilled that Lacoste invited me to be the face of its men's fragrance, Challenge. This fresh, and dynamic fragrance represents well the image of Lacoste as a chic, sporty and elegant brand," Roddick says in a release. "We're delighted to be working with Andy as the face of Lacoste Challenge as he is the natural embodiment of the brand's youthful, modern image," Christophe Chenut, CEO of Lacoste says in a release.
(Press Release, April 2010)

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