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Les Compositions Parfumees 2020 by Lalique is a new aromatic set of fragrances designed for men. "Three bold new scents. Three vivid colours. Three vibrant emotions." Following the previous six feminine scents in the series, this masculine trio offers a "fusion of natural and molecular ingredients." Crafted by perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Julien Plos, Imperial Green is a blend of soft orange blossoms and strong patchouli. Perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui created Woody Gold as a warm amber woods scent. And Glorious Indigo, a blend by perfumer Clement Marx, is a mix of aromatic spices and warm woody notes. Launched in October 2020, the new Les Compositions Parfumees 2020 arrive in color-coordinated glass perfume bottles in eau de parfum sprays.

Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees
Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees
Eau de Parfum, 3.3 oz. $250 / each
Launched - October 2020

Lalique Glorious Indigo

Lalique Glorious Indigo Eau de Parfum
Confident. Powerful. Bold... Glorious Indigo, a potent blend of fresh spices and warm woods.

Fragrance Notes
Top - Cinnamon, cistus, vanilla, ginger
Heart - Cedarwood, javanol, papyrus, patchouli
Base - Black amber, cashmeran, sandalwood, gaiacwood

Perfumer - Clement Marx

Lalique Imperial Green

Lalique Imperial Green Eau de Parfum
Aromatic. Dreamy. Elegant... Imperial Green, the softness of orange blossom matched with the strength of patchouli.

Fragrance Notes
Top - Mandarin, lavender, orange blossom petals
Heart - Ambrox, musks, orange blossoms absolute, tonka bean
Base - Cedarwood, vanilla, patchouli, vetiver

Perfumer - Nathalie Lorson and Julien Plos

Lalique Woody Gold

Lalique Woody Gold Eau de Parfum
Rich. Glowing. Warm... Woody Gold, a radiant tribute in amber and woods to the precious metal.

Fragrance Notes
Top - Bergamot, mandarin
Heart - Neroli
Base - Amber wood, cashmeran, tonka, vanilla

Perfumer - Mathilde Bijaoui

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Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees - new fragrance details

Les Compositions Parfumees 2020
A brilliant pioneer, René Lalique was the first to blend glass and gems in his ground-breaking Art Nouveau jewellery, just as perfumers were revolutionizing their art with amazing new synthetic materials. The House of Lalique keeps his innovative spirit alive with the exclusive collection Les Compositions Parfumées, inspired by the alchemy of perfumery, jewellery and crystal-making.

Today, after a series of six playful and chic feminine fragrances, Lalique presents a cutting-edge collection especially designed for men. Three bold new scents. Three vivid colours. Three vibrant emotions. A fusion of natural and molecular ingredients, expressing three modern olfactory stories.

Sleek. Dashing. Masculine... It's molecular magic!

As deep and mysterious as the sky just after sunset. As tough and resilient as your favourite blue jeans. When you're in the mood for Glorious Indigo, you know blue can be the hottest colour. And your choice of fragrance expresses your inner fire.
A crisp bite of organic ginger essence opens the scent with its cool burn, spiked with cinnamon absolute. The heat builds up with resinous cistus absolute, crackling against a sophisticated accord of precious woods. Boosted by the creamy-rosy facets of Javanol®, smoky guaiac absolute and velvety patchouli essence are warmed by the ambery facets of a rare papyrus absolute. A backdrop of black amber adds that touch of darkness that makes the charm of a man... The force is with you! Because you smell glorious.

TOP NOTES - Cinnamon, Cistus Absolute, Vanilla, Organic Ginger Essence
HEART NOTES - Cedarwood Essence, Javanol, Papyrus Essence, Patchouli Essence
BASE NOTES - Black Amber, Cashmeran, Sandalwood, Gaiacwood Essence

"Glorious Indigo is like an aura of confidence you could wear. Both powerful and soft, it knows how to make its presence noticed without imposing itself. The quiet force of its trail reveals the boldness of the man who wears it." —Clément Marx, perfumer

It's springtime. The trees are green. The sun is warm. The breeze is fresh. It's time to daydream, as the scent of orange blossom floats in the air..
Because men have always had a soft side, the aromatic lavender accents of the classically masculine fougère family are often sweetened by the luminous, verdant facets of the tiny white bloom. In Imperial Green, Nathalie Lorson and Julien Plos modernize the note with a cuttingedge ingredient, Orange Blossom Petals Firabs, a co-distillation of the flower and a secret molecule that boosts its freshness. Ambrox®, a scent of warm skin and wood, adds an amber ray of sunlight. Rooty vetiver essence and a streamlined extract of Patchouli Heart SFE anchor the blend in elegant masculinity... Dream away! In this spring paradise, you rule.

TOP NOTES - Mandarin Essence, Lavender Essence, Orange Blossom Petals Firabs
HEART NOTES - Ambrox, Musks, Orange Blossom Absolute, Tonka Beans
BASE NOTES - Cedarwood Essence, Vanilla Absolute, Patchouli Heart Sfe, Vetyver Essence

"Like a faceted crystal, I wanted to explore Orange Blossom from every angle, every shade. A true olfactive kaleidoscope." —Nathalie Lorson, perfumer

"An Orange Blossom tinted by Patchouli... an olfactive interpretation of smoked glass. Inspired by the work of Rene Lalique, this fragrance is a play of textures and colors, smooth and modern, deeply elegant." —Julien Plos, perfumer

Imagine yourself in a palace. A warm amber light plays on rich gold ornaments, gleaming against a backdrop of precious woods...
If the most mythical of metals was transmuted into scent, it would be Woody Gold. Sparkling bergamot, lively mandarin and honeyed orange blossom conjure its sunny brightness. At the molten core of the fragrance, a trio of powerfully vibrant woody ambery molecules convey its unique radiance. Luminous Ambramone® adds tones of smooth driftwood. Lorenox® brings facets of leather, wood and amber. Orcanox® suffuses the composition with sensuous ambergris tones. A burnished, sensuous oriental base of tonka bean and vanilla recalls the warm glow of the precious metal... Shine on! You're golden.

TOP NOTES - Bergamot, Mandarin Essence
BASE NOTES - Amber Wood, Cashmeran, Tonka Absolute, Vanilla Absolute

"To me, perfume ingredients have colors, so for Woody Gold, I worked with a palette of golden notes, from sunny citrus fruit to creamy vanilla, along with a blend of potent amber woods that smell as radiant as sunlight. The result is a scent that is both luminous and warm, like gold." —Mathilde Bijaoui, perfumer

Lalique Glorious Indigo, Woody Gold, Imperial Green

A modernist bottle inspired by the iconic Duncan collection
Dressed in the rich green, gold and indigo palette of the three new scents, the streamlined form of Les Compositions Parfumées's iconic bottle expresses a vibrantly modern masculine style.

Inspired by Rene Lalique's mythical "Duncan" collection, designed in 1931, the elegant satin-finished Art Deco flacon is topped with a black wooden cap bearing Lalique's "Hirondelles" ("Swallow") logo in gold. A silver metal pendant, also presenting the emblem, is tied around the neck of the bottle by a black, silver-tipped cord, highlighting the exclusivity of the Collection.

The flacon is presented in a luxurious textured grey coffret with a magnetic clasp, lined in black padded fabric. It is protected by a black sleeve, with the name of the fragrance inscribed in its colour with its name on a silver label.

Lalique Media, Lalique.com (Oct. 2020)

Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees Eau de Parfums

The new Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees 2020 fragrances, Glorious Indigo, Imperial Green, and Woody Gold are available in Eau de Parfum sprays, $250 for 3.3 oz. / each. (Macy's, Neiman Marcus)

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