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Lalique fragrances: Founded by Rene Lalique, a world renowed glass artist, Lalique is a French manufacturer of crystal, perfume bottles, and jewelry. Beginning in 1907, he worked with Francois Coty creating packaging for the Coty brand of fragrances. He launched his first perfume, Parfum Lalique, in 1992. Learn more

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Lalique fragrance and perfume list.

Lalique Perfumes (by year launched)

2020 - Les Compositions Parfumees: Glorious Indigo, Imperial Green, Woody Gold

2019 - Soleil | Les Compositions Parfumees: Blue Rise, Infinite Shine, Velvet Plum

2018 - L'Insoumis Ma Force | Les Compositions Parfumees: Electric Purple, Pink Paradise, Sweet Amber | Mon Premier Cristal: Hirondelles, Lumiere Blooming, Sensuel Blooming, Tendre Blooming

2017 - Amethyst Exquise | Ombre Noire | Les Compositions Parfumees: Copper (Leather) | Mon Premier Cristal: Lumiere, Sensuel, Tendre | Noir Premier: Deux Cigales, Illusion Captive

2016 - L'Insoumis | Reve d'Infini | Les Compositions Parfumees: Zinc (Oriental)

2015 - Encre Noire a l'Extreme | Living Lalique | Les Compositions Parfumees: Bronze, Electrum, Gold, Silver, Zamak | Noir Premier: Or Intemporel

2014 - Amethyst Eclat | Azalee | Hommage a l'Homme Voyageur | Noir Premier: Elegance Animale, Fleur Universelle, Fruits du Mouvement, Rose Royale, Sculpteur d'Epices, Terres Aromatiques

2013 - Encre Noire Sport | L'Amour | Satine

2012 - Hommage a l'Homme

2011 - Nilang (updated) | Nilang Extrait de Parfum

2010 - Fleur de Cristal

2009 - Encre Noire Pour Elle

2008 - Lalique White for Men

2007 - Amethyst | Commedia

2006 - Encre Noire | Louxor de Lalique | Perles de Lalique

2005 - Flora Bella | Lalique Le Parfum

2003 - Eau de Lalique

2002 - Tendre Kiss

2001 - Lalique Pour Homme Equus | Lalique Pour Homme Faune

1999 - Le Baiser

1997 - Claire de Nilang | Lalique Pour Homme

1995 - Nilang

1992 - Parfum Lalique (Lalique de Lalique)

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Lalique - glass maker and perfume line

Lalique Glass Art Rene Lalique

About Lalique
A renowned name during the Art Deco movement, Lalique has continued to create exquisite crystal pieces for modern times. In 1926, Rene Lalique began manufacturing satin-finished vases, bowls, and statuettes. Today, his fine tradition endures with themes ranging from classical forms to ultramodern designs.
(Source:, 11/19)

Contact Lalique
Phone 1-888-488-2580 |
NY Boutique - 609 Madison Avenue, New York City, NY, 10022 | 1-212-355-6550

Lalique Perfumes

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