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Les Compositions Parfumees 2018 by Lalique is a new aromatic set of fragrances designed for women. "Three colours. Three emotions. Three modern olfactory stories." As the latest addition to the perfumes in the series, this trio offers Electric Purple, a berry chypre crafted by perfumers Nathalie Lorson with notes of boysenberry, artemisia, and ambrette musk; Pink Paradise, a fresh sea breeze scent blended by perfumer Ane Ayo with notes of bergamot, cedar, and amber; and Sweet Amber a white floral mix of heliotrope, jasmine, and ambroxan created by perfumer Philippe Romano. Launched in September 2018, the new Les Compositions Parfumees 2018 arrive in color-coordinated signature Duncan glass perfume bottles as eau de parfums.

Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees
Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees
Eau de Parfum, 3.3 oz. $250 / each
Launched - September 2018

Lalique Electric Purple

Lalique Electric Purple Eau de Parfum
Juicy. Playful. Pop... ELECTRIC PURPLE, a sparkling Berry Chypre.

Fragrance Notes
Top - Grapefruit, mint leaves, violet leaves
Heart - Artemisia, blackcurrant, boysenberry
Base - Helvetolide, moss, patchouli

Perfumer - Nathalie Lorson

Lalique Pink Paradise

Lalique Pink Paradise Eau de Parfum
Fluffy. Airy. Heavenly... PINK PARADISE, a fresh sea breeze of Musks and Woods.

Fragrance Notes
Top - Bergamot, bitter orange, calone, lemon
Heart - Cedarwood, heliotrope, jasmine, peppercorn
Base - Amber, ambroxan, Iso E Super, musks, sandalwood

Perfumer - Ane Ayo

Lalique Sweet Amber

Lalique Sweet Amber Eau de Parfum
Hot. Delicious. Addictive... SWEET AMBER, a whirlwind of delectable petals.

Fragrance Notes
Top - Heliotrope, neroli, star anise
Heart - Jasmine sambac, orange blossom, tuberose
Base - Ambroxan, galaxolide, sandalwood, vanilla

Perfumer - Philippe Romano

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Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees - new fragrance details

Les Compositions Parfumees 2018
Three bold new scents. Three colours. Three emotions. Three modern olfactory stories. Chic. Fun. Feminine... It's molecular magic!

A high-contrast pop of saturated colours.
Lit up by a lash of Bitter Grapefruit, a spray of Mint and Violet Leaves glows a fluorescent green. Against this verdant background, the Boysenberry accord, a blend of Raspberry and Strawberry, is so realistic you can almost taste the purple fruit, captured through cutting-edge NaturePrint® technology. Boosted by Musk, this electric juice rests on a bed of Moss and Patchouli, turning it into a totally modern take on Chypre.

"With Electric Purple, I wanted to pay homage to Rene Lalique's modernity by pushing back boundaries. Inspired by the idea of color fusions, I designed electric contrasts between purple berries, green leaves and texturized musks. It's a scent for a woman who wants a strong signature!" —Nathalie Lorson, perfumer

A sunbeam of juicy Citrus.
A pink, fluffy cloud of Musk, floating on a Heliotrope and Jasmine-scented sea breeze. A dash of Pepper, like the black sand of an island beach. The warmth of Amber skin, silky as Sandalwood… The air is alive with vibrant Iso E Super. A truly miraculous molecule with Creamy, Woody facets that smells differently on every one. Because it makes you smell more like yourself. Heavenly!

"I conceived Pink Paradise in a flight of poetry. I wanted to find a new way of expressing mineral and woody notes. To make them limpid, yet as downy as a cloud. To me, this fragrance evokes a strong, cheerful, kind personality." —Ane Ayo, perfumer

Plunge your face into this exuberant bouquet of White Flowers
- Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose, Orange Blossom… Sweetened by Vanilla and a teasing lick of Anise, these blooms smell good enough to eat! Galaxolide, a clean soft Musk that lifts the Floral notes, turns them into a whirlwind of delicious petals. As airy as a perfect meringue. And just as irresistible.

"In Sweet Amber, I envisioned a new approach of gourmand notes, drawn from orange blossom, a symbol of pure femininity. I made it as light and airy, yet as addictive as possible. I see the woman who wears this as very sensitive, yet powerful and free." —Philippe Romano, perfumer

A brilliant pioneer, René Lalique was the first to blend glass and gems in his ground-breaking Art Nouveau jewellery, just as perfumers were revolutionizing their art with amazing new synthetic materials. The House of Lalique keeps his innovative spirit alive with the exclusive collection Les Compositions Parfumées, inspired by the alchemy of perfumery, jewellery and crystal-making. A fusion of natural and molecular ingredients.

Lalique.com (Oct. 2020)

Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees Eau de Parfums

The new Lalique Les Compositions Parfumees 2018 fragrances, Electric Purple, Pink Paradise, and Sweet Amber are available in Eau de Parfum sprays, $250 for 3.3 oz. / each.

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