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Lanvin Eau de Cologne - perfume for women

Eau de Cologne by Lanvin - "In 1924, when Jeanne Lanvin created Lanvin Parfums SA...she was guided by the conviction that perfume was a vital part of her vision of fashion and life in general. ... Her first perfumer was a lady of Russian origin, Marie Zéde. ... No fewer than fourteen fragrances had been launched by 1925. ... The stakes were raised in 1925, with the arrival of a young perfumes named André Fraysse (then aged only 27) whose talent had been noted by Jeanne Lanvin. He joined the Nanterre laboratories and Arpège was his first creation in 1927. ... This success was followed by many more olfactory delights.... By World War II, Lanvin was already one of the world's leading perfumes."

Perfume House Lanvin
Introduced 1934
Scent Classification --
Perfumer André Fraysse
Fragrance Notes --
Package Designer --
Print/TV Campaign --
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Lanvin Parfums, Art Deco 1938
Lanvin Parfums
Lanvin - Art Deco, 1938

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