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Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrances: Lisa Hoffman, wife of actor Dustin Hoffman, is the founder of the American company, Lisa Hoffman Beauty, founded in 2007, that specializes in fine fragrance products. Learn more

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About Lisa Hoffman Beauty
Lisa Hoffman embraces every facet of life into her creative process, from the everyday to the adventurous. As a working professional, entrepreneur, wife, and mother, she balances the daily responsibilities which are familiar to every woman. And as an avid world-traveler, fresh insights gathered from afar inspire innovation. A discovery experienced on the journey often reveals itself as the answer to a challenge she meets back at her drawing board. Lisa's approach frees women to enjoy fragrance in uncomplicated ways. Her understanding of the fragrance-wearer is reflected in the modern sensibility of her fragrance collections.
Source: (Aug. 2012)

Contact Lisa Hoffman Beauty
Headquarters - 11661 San Vicente Blvd Suite 222, Los Angeles, CA 90049
Tel. 1-855-238-5472

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