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Marie Claire - September 2016

Fragrance Files -- Sustainability is sweeping the fragrance world. Bee Shapiro explains why it's better for perfume lovers everywhere, and who's leading the eco-chic scent movement.

Just as the recycling and farm-to-table movements are spreading across the planet, savvy beauty junkies from Los Angeles to Seoul are demanding natural and organic ingredients in their products. ... Already, home products, skincare, and makeup are facing scruting from newly globalized, fiercely educated consumers. And the next area of focus is fragrance. ...

...Using responsibly farmed natural ingredients is part of a successful sustainability stategy, so is developing synthetically created ingredients that mimic natural scents. Synthetics may seem anathema to the eco-minded customer, but those created with green chemistry can be some of the eco-friendliest fragrance ingredients of all. ... Many companies are also using green chemistry and renewable resources to develop completely original fragrance notes. ... Givaudan has created Akigalawood, a woody-amber note, developed in a lab and now used in Miu Miu's eponymous new perfume.

(Shapiro, B. "Fragrance Files: Make It Last." Marie Claire Sept. 2016: 230-231)

 Perfume editorial Cosmo Bedside Astrologer
Cosmopolitan - Jan 2016

Bedside Astrologer 2016
Experience 2016 to the fullest! Your sign influences everything, including what will delight all your sensess. Set all six - touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste, and sexiness, that's six - on fire for your hottest year yet. Read on to discover the thrilling possibilities 2016 holds for your and your boo. The stars are the limit!

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(Tower, Aurora. "Bedside Astrologer 2016." Cosmopolitan Jan. 2016: 137-151)

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