Lil' Dipper - perfume for women

Lil' Dipper by Pinrose is a new floral fragrance for women. Crafted by perfumer Nathalie Benareau with floral notes of peony and mandarin petals blended into relaxing lavender with a final base note of creamy sandalwood. This soft romantic aroma was launched in Spring 2017 in a new faceted glass perfume bottle featuring a lavender tint and white cap.

Pinrose Lil' Dipper
Pinrose Lil' Dipper - Eau de parfum
Notes - Peony, mandarin petals, lavender, sandalwood

Perfumer - Nathalie Benareau
Launched - April 2017

Pinrose Lil' Dipper is available in an eau de parfum spray, $77 for 1.7 oz. and $27 for 0.27 oz. (Sephora)

Pinrose Lil' Dipper Fragrance

Pinrose Lil' Dipper - new fragrance details

For wallflowers waiting to emerge, embrace this romantic mix of peony, mandarin petals, and creamy sandalwood. This soft floral blend has a subtle hint of spice for a vibe that is intriguing, beautiful, and smart. Inspiration: The still confidence of a quiet girl at the dance, an ethereal presence that you can't help but watch and follow. Petals of Peony and lil’ lavender leaves reveal a purely natural aura of flora, with a delicate linger of soft sandalwood. Crafted by Nathalie Benareau."

(Source:, 2019)

This perfume is a rebrand of the original 2014 Ballroom Philosopher.

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