Nathalie Benareau

Perfumer Nathalie Benareau

Nathalie Benareau is a fine fragrance perfumer at Symrise in New York. She grew up in the French Alps and spent her summers in the Spanish wine country of La Rioja. After obtaining her master's degree in chemistry and chemical engineering, she began working as an organic chemist for Firmenich in 1999. After training as a perfumer assistant at Intarome, she completed her training at Manheimer becoming a perfumer by 2006. She joined Symrise in November 2008, and by August 2011 she was a member of their New York Fine Fragrance team.

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Latest Fragrance Creations

All Perfumes created by Nathalie Benareau

A.N Other

FL/2018 (Floral) - 2018


Candy! Shake Lover - 2017


It's You Art - 2018

Folie a Plusieurs

All About My Mother - 2017

John Varvatos

JV x NJ Silver - 2019

Lauren Mercier

Ambre Passion Elixir - 2010


Ameline - 2018
Hanami - 2016
Hepcat - 2016
Olmsted & Vaux - 2016


Ballroom Philospher - 2014
Lil' Dipper - 2017
Tambourine Dreamer - 2014

Quem Disse Berenice

Seja Como Flor - 2019

Six Scents / Parfums Quartana

Lily of the Valley - 2016

Victoria's Secret

Bombshell Sundrenched - 2022
First Love - 2020

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