Tambourine Dreamer - perfume for women

Tambourine Dreamer by Pinrose is a new floral fragrance for women. Perfumer Nathalie Benareau created this "avant-garde bouquet of white lily" with notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, peony, and lily of the valley, blended with violet leaves, lemon verbena, and musk. This fresh elegant aroma was launched in winter 2014. The new faceted glass perfume bottle features a pale green tint, white cap, with silver accents.

Pinrose Tambourine Dreamer
Pinrose Tambourine Dreamer - Eau de parfum
Top notes - Lily of the valley, orange blossom, violet leaves
Heart notes - Lemon verbena, jasmine petals, musk
Base notes - Ylang-Ylang, peony, cedarwood

Perfumer - Nathalie Benareau
Launched - December 2014

Pinrose Tambourine Dreamer is available in an eau de parfum spray, $77 for 1.7 oz. (Sephora)

Pinrose Tambourine Dreamer Fragrance

Pinrose Tambourine Dreamer - new fragrance details

Take a wander in the wild, lost in the scent of white lilies and ylang ylang, with jasmine and elderflower gently calling your name. Listen. That friend who brings out your best qualities, makes you feel beautiful and puts you at ease. The one you always leave feeling like you can conquer the world. The effortless energy of lily combined with the elegance of ylang-ylang is cut with an approachable white musk for a truly graceful scent. Crafted by Nathalie Benareau."

(Source: pinrose.com, 2019)

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