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Infusion de Rose by Prada is a floral perfume for women. This is a new scent composition from the 2011 Prada Infusion de Rose fragrance. Crafted from notes of Italian mandarin orange and aromatic galbanum blending into heady neroli, Turkish roses, and Bulgarian roses. This romantic blend is housed in the classic Prada Les Infusions perfume bottle with a pale pink hue, pink cap, and silver accents. This rose scent was launched in 2017 and is available in an eau de parfum spray.

Prada Les Infusions de Rose
Prada Les Infusions de Rose
Fragrance Notes
Top - Italian mandarin, galbanum
Heart - African neroli, Turkish rose
Base - Bulgarian rose

Launched - June 2017

Prada Les Infusions de Rose - new fragrance details

This sublime and luxurious scent is inspired by apparent contradictions. Imagine garden roses of ancient variety, highly scented, infusing in a perfumed water of Neroli, Mandarin and Galbanum... This is the Rose's very essence.

Rose from Bulgaria, rose from Turkey, Galbanum, Mandarin, Neroli (July 2020)

Prada Les Infusions de Rose Fragrance

The feminine Prada Infusion de Rose perfume is available in an Eau de Parfum spray $160 for 3.4 oz. (Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Harrods)

Prada Les Infusions de Rose - Fragrance Editorials

Elle - May 2020
Prada Les Infusions de Rose

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Cutting-edge technologies can take an aroma "snapshot" of living plants and endangered natural elements to replicate their scents (without destroying them in the process), giving the fragrance world a substainable boost.

PRADA Les Infusions Rose, $160,
This floral blend features a bouquet of botanicals - neroli, galbanum, and roses from both Turkey and Bulgaria - that smells freshly bloomed.

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