Prada Les Infusions - fragrance for women and men

Prada Les Infusions by Prada - A collection of fragrances each representing a single fragrance note. Created by perfumer Daniela Andrier, the six unisex perfumes include the original 2007 Infusion d'Iris, reissued 2009 Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger, reissued 2010 Infusion de Vetiver, along with three new scents, Infusion d'Iris Cedre, Infusion d'Amande, and Infusion d'Oeillet. Each fragrance is housed in the classic vintage-style Infusion bottle with the 1913 Prada heritage crest label. A colored film is added to the bottom of each bottle giving each scent its own unique color, with matching colored cap. Launched in June 2015, the eau de parfum sprays are available in the U.S. in early 2016.

Prada Les Infusions Fragrance

Prada Les Infusions Fragrance

Prada Les Infusions - fragrance info

Perfume House Prada
Introduced June 2015 | March 2016 (U.S.)
Perfumer Daniela Andrier
Scent Classification Various
Fragrance Notes Various - see notes below
Package Design Vintage style bottle with Prada heritage emblem.
Print/TV Campaign  
Available Products Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz / $130

Prada Les Infusions Fragrance Campaign

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Prada Les Infusions

"Resisting feminine and masculine stereotypes and looking beyond current perfume trends, Les Infusions de Prada are the culmination of a reverence for the past, an understanding of our place in the present and the fowardlooking point of view of Prada. They embody the gracefull weave of apparent contradictions at the heart of Prada: heritage moulded to modernity, poetry meeting precision, instinct alongside intellect, subtetly together with power, sensuality emphasized by freshness. An infusion is a trasformative encounter from which the unexpected emerges, the new and the familiar."

Fragrance Notes
Iris - iris, mandarin, neroli, cedar, benzion
Fleur d'Oranger - neroli, orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine sambac
Vetiver - vetiver, ginger, neroli, bergamot, rose
Cedre - iris, cedar, neroli, bezoin, incense
Amande - bitter almond, heliotrope, tonka bean, musk, anise
Oeillet - carnation, sandalwood, styrax, patchouli, mandarin
Mimosa - anise, mandarin; mimosa, rose; woods (launched Spring 2016)

Prada Les Infusions - fragrance editorials

Prada Les Infusions Perfume editorial Allure Singular Sensations
Allure - December 2016
Prada Les Infusions

Singular Sensations
Our favorite new scents are built around a single note. If perfumes are cocktails, the best ones right now are served straight up: Intoxicating celebrations of a single note. Pick your poison.

Our favorite new fragrances emphasize one thing. And it's not one emotion or one aspiration or one vacation destination - it's one ingredient.

Also turned on its head is the notion that fragrances built around one note are inherently simple. In fact, these scents are so rounded and nuanced that they appear multidimensional. "It's like a white, empty room in which you place a vase filled with one kind of flower," says perfumer Daniela Andrier, who created Prada's Les Infusions collection. "You experience the beauty, color, and smell of that flower in a very generous way." To grasp just how dynamic a solitary note can be, consider Lancome's new fragrance collection, Maison LancĂ´me Grand Crus. Three of the line's scents are different versions of the exact same note: oud. And still, single-note fragrances have a stripped-down quality that's impossible to ignore. Like Andrier's example of a stark white room, they're bright, wide awake, drenched in natural light.

See also: Ralph Lauren Collection

(Schaffner, L. "Singular Sensations: Pure and Simple." Allure Dec. 2016: 132-137)

Prada Les Infusions Perfume editorial Elle It List
Elle - Dec 2015
Prada Les Infusions

Beauty It List
In A Flash - Send 2015 off in style with statement lips, shimmery powder, and a (literally) dazzling scent.

On the Rocks
BOND NO. 9's classic warm, citrusy scent is lovely, but its Swarovski-adorned bottle is the real star.

Fresh Direct
Don't let the pretty pastel bottle mislead - Les Infusions de PRADA in Oeillet is a woody carnation eau with plenty of spice.

(Finney, Ali. "Beauty: It List." Elle Dec. 2015: 234)

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