Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection - fragrance for women and men

Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection by Ralph Lauren - A new fragrance collection for women. This set of ten new perfumes, inspired by the designer's travels and named for their origins. The bottles resemble the classic Ralph Lauren Eternity fragrance with a variation of colored liquids housed inside each distinct scent. Legacy of English Elegance includes Rose and White Tea. Portrait of New York includes Vetiver and White Lily. The scents of Lime and Orange Flower make up Riviera Dream, while Sage and Magnolia comprise Song of America. Treasures of Safari include Amber and Oud. Launched in June 2016, and available in eau de parfum sprays and matching body creams, scented diffuser and scented candles.

Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection Fragrance

Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection Fragrance

Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection - fragrance info

Perfume House Ralph Lauren
Introduced June 2016
Perfumer Calice Becker
Carlos Benaim
Harry Fremont
Scent Classification Various
Fragrance Notes Various notes - see descriptions below
Package Design Classic Ralph Lauren Eternity perfume bottle in a variety of juice colors.
Print/TV Campaign  
Available Products Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz, 3.4 oz / $140-240
Body Lotion 5.1 oz $95
Scented Diffuser $85, Candle $70

Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection Fragrance Campaign

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Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection

Portrait of New York

White Lily Eau de Parfum
Inspired by our iconic Madison Avenue flagship store in New York City, this dramatic women's fragrance blends white Casablanca lily - a voluptuous floral with hints of peach - with creamy Madagascar vanilla and spicy pink pepper. A stunning bouquet reminiscent of the grandeur of the iconic Ralph Lauren Madison Avenue mansion.
Notes: White lily, Madagascar vanilla, pink pepper
Perfumer: Harry Fremont

Vetiver Eau de Parfum
Inspired by the glamour of New York City, this eau de parfum enhances the finest vetiver with robust, spicy black pepper and vibrant green cardamom. A warm, smooth fragrance that captures the enchantment of a New York City soiree.
Notes: Vetiver, black pepper, cardamom
Perfumer: Harry Fremont

Riviera Dream

Lime Eau de Parfum
Carefully harvested to ensure the truest essence of the fruit, vibrant lime is blended with subtle notes of lavandin, a hybrid created from lavender, and Mediterranean bergamot. The invigorating feminine fragrance conjures the French Riviera, a continual source of inspiration for Ralph Lauren. A modern tribute to the iconic eau de cologne that recalls a refreshing dip on a private beach in Antibes.
Notes: Lime, bergamot, lavandin
Perfumer: Calice Becker

Orange Flower Eau de Parfum
Inspired by an elegant garden party, this radiant, feminine fragrance features a sparkling blend of Moroccan orange flowers, juicy mandarin fruit, and warm amber woods. This fresh, uplifting fragrance recalls the pleasures of a sun-drenched day at a dazzling Mediterranean garden party.
Notes: Orange flower, mandarin, amber
Perfumer: Harry Fremont

Legacy of English Elegance

Rose Eau de Parfum
Reminiscent of a lush London garden, our most feminine fragrance enhances green, honey-sweet damascena rose with fruity black currant accord and subtle patchouli accents. Embrace the beauty of an evening stroll through an enchanting London garden.
Notes: Rose, black currant, patchouli
Perfumer: Calice Becker

White Tea Eau de Parfum
Maté leaves and osmanthus flowers add subtle smokiness and apricot notes to this delicate blend inspired by high tea in the English countryside. A delicate and fresh scent that recalls the beauty of the English countryside and the graceful tradition of high tea.
Notes: White tea, mate, osmanthus
Perfumer: Carlos Benaim

Song of America

Sage Eau de Parfum
Inspired by the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, this women's fragrance embodies rugged refinement with a blend of herbaceous sage, fruity green fig accord, and amber-like fir balsam. Experience a sensory homage to the majestic landscape of the American West.
Notes: Sage, fig, balsam fir
Perfumer: Harry Fremont

Magnolia Eau de Parfum
Inspired by the brilliance of a spring sunrise, this women's fragrance highlights the "Queen of the Flowers" by infusing it with fresh lemon and woody patchouli. This floral scent is Inspired by the natural brilliance of an early spring sunrise over the plains.
Notes: Magnolia, lemon, patchouli
Perfumer: Carlos Benaim

Treasures of Safari

Amber Eau de Parfum
Inspired by Ralph Lauren's vision of the Sahara, this velvety, feminine fragrance highlights amber, one of the most treasured accords in perfumery. Benzoin (an ingredient for incense with an almond-like sweetness), bourbon vanilla, and spicy labdanum resin complete this sensual eau de parfum. This sensual fragrance is inspired by a breathtaking sunset over the Sahara.
Notes: Amber, labdanum, Madagascar vanilla
Perfumer: Carlos Benaim

Oud Eau de Parfum
Oud, one of the world's most precious oils, is masterfully blended with smoky guaiac wood, spicy incense, and earthy cedar to evoke the spirit of the African savannah. This exciting scent captures the spirit of the African savannah.
Notes: Oud, incense, cedarwood
Perfumer: Carlos Benaim

(Source: ralphlauren.com 01/17)

Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection - fragrance editorials

Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection Fragrance editorial
Marie Claire - March 2017
Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection

What Erin Loves
From the Serengeti to the Nile, MC Beauty Director Erin Flaherty is all about a safari adventure.

Ralph Lauren was inspired by his travels when he dreamed up this amber-laced fragrance. RALPH LAUREN Amber Eau de Parfum, $240; ralphlauren.com

Warm, spicy notes of cardamom, saffron, and cumin mix with leather in this sauvage scent. MEMO PARIS African Leather Eau de Parfum, $250; memofragrances.com

(Flaherty, Erin. "First: What Erin Loves." Marie Claire Mar. 2017: 80)

Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection Perfume editorial Allure Singular Sensations
Allure - December 2016
Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection

Singular Sensations
Our favorite new scents are built around a single note. If perfumes are cocktails, the best ones right now are served straight up: Intoxicating celebrations of a single note. Pick your poison.

Our favorite new fragrances emphasize one thing. And it's not one emotion or one aspiration or one vacation destination - it's one ingredient.

That's not to say perfumers have less freedom with these fragrances. If anything, the formulas test their artistry and involve them in and even more profound way. "When you work around a single note, you must find inspiration in one ingredient and focus all your creativity on it," says perfumers Carlos Benaim, who cocreated Ralph Lauren's new line of ten perfumes, each named for one scent - White Tea, Magnolia, Orange Flower, and so on. "Your message has to be very clear and unobstructed." In addition to a strong message, these scents require perfumers to break out some pretty advanced methods. Unlike multifaceted blends with built-in complexity, these spare constructions achieve depth in ingenious ways. New isolation precesses and extraction techniques coax every color and variation out of the primary note so that one accord can produce many different effects. Take, for exmple, the groundbreaking (and Best of Beauty-winning) Ralph Lauren Collection Lime. To create what Behnke describes as an "effervescent, photo-realistic" portrait of a lime, perfumer Calice Becker used a technique involving a proprietary technology called FreezeFrame. With liquid nitrogen, she deep-froze the fruit to lock in its bright, green, and juicy facets, then placed a glass bulb over it (a method known as headspacing) to capture the scent molecules that emanated from the lime as it thawed. If this sounds like a lot of effort to produce one accord, it is. But perfumers spend just as much time fine-tuning the notes that support the central ingredient. "We extract them in very specific ways so that they bring out the complexities of the primary note," says Benaim.

See also: Prada Les Infusions

(Schaffner, L. "Singular Sensations: Pure and Simple." Allure Dec. 2016: 132-137)

Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection Perfume editorial Allure Phenomenon Fragrances
Allure - December 2016
Ralph Lauren Fragrance Collection

Phenomenon Trunk Show
Fifty lipsticks in a single set, makeup palettes with 100-plus shades, and fragrances by the suitcase. Enter a world of beauty where quality meets (so very much) quantity.

Louis Vuitton Les Parfum Fragrance Case:
$5,450 for the case, plus $240 for each Louis Vuitton Les Parfums scent

Ralph Lauren Calfskin Traveler's Trunk
You get - Ten bottles of eau de parfum inside a handcrafted trunk.

It costs - $3,900 for the trunk; $240 for each fragrance ($6,300 as shown)

You'll keep coming back to - Sage, a mix of herb and fig that's warm and sexy and a little masculine

Bulgari Le Gemme Luxury Gift Set
$1,950 for the entire set

(Emerson, R. "Phenomenon: Trunk Show." Allure Dec. 2016: 96-100)

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