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Get your fragrance fix by the "trunk" load. Check out new high-end, high-cost, high-notes of the perfume collections that are taking over top design houses.

Excerpts from a fragrance editorial, Phenomenon - Trunk Show, in Allure Magazine, December 2016 issue.

Ramona Emerson - Allure Associate Editor

Phenomenon: Trunk Show

"Fifty lipsticks in a single set, makeup palettes with 100-plus shades, and fragrances by the suitcase. Enter a world of beauty where quality meets (so very much) quantity."
-- Ramona Emerson, Associate Editor Allure | Read more @

Blame the immense product hauls of YouTube beauty bloggers or the normalization of the glam room by the first family of reality TV. The recent influx of extravagant makeup collections was made for hoarders - hoarders with a lot of disposible income. We're talking about eyeshadow palettes that have as many neutrals as the Swiss department of foreign affairs. Sets of brushes with more angles than the most advanced geometry textbook. And then there's the perfume: It comes by the actual trunkload.

Louis Vuitton Fragrances

It's a new level of stratospheric luxury...except it has roots in the past. The people as Louis Vuitton got the idea for their monogrammed perfume case from the hyperrich of the early twentieth century, who in fact did travel with trunks full of perfume. But no one was Instagramming their hauls in 1925, so the only people they could show off for were one another. Now we're inundated with images of conspicuous consumption: tricked-out vanities; five-, nah, six-figure shopping sprees; and so-called everyday beauty routines that call for 30 products and a course in color therapy.

Louis Vuitton Fragrance Case

You get - A very swich monogrammed mini trunk that can hold three fragrances

It costs - $5,450 for the case, plus $240 for each Louis Vuitton Les Parfums scent

You'll keep coming back to - Dans la Peau, a sweetly soft mix of flowers and leather

Scent Collection - Apogee (lily of the valley), Contre Moi (vanilla), Dans la Peau (jasmine, narcissus, and leather), Matiere Noire (patchouli and white flowers), Mille Feux (osmanthus and leather), Rose des Vents (rose), Turbulences (tuberose and jasmine)

Louis Vuitton Fragrance Case

... Some of the trunks made me feel bad about my life choices. I couldn't shake the feeling that I don't have enough yachts to legally own a box of six perfumes, like the Bulgari Le Gemme Collection. But overall, turns out I'm a natural at consuming/hoarding. I thought I would succumb to the tyranny of choice - too many options makes them all seem meh - but oh, how wrong I was.

Bulgari Le Gemme Collection Luxury Gift Set
Bulgari Le Gemme Luxury Gift Set

You get - Six perfumes in a softly lined lacquered box

It costs - $1,950

You'll keep coming back to - The fresh and woody Lilaia - and also the case itself (it makes a gorgeous jewelry box)

Scent Collection - Amarena, Ashlemah, Calaluna, Lilaia, Maravilla, Noorah

Ralph Lauren Sage, a slightly masculine scent that is merely one tenth of a perfume trunk, quickly became my favorite. Abundance didn't make me feel vain - it made me feel like a kid sneaking into her mom's makeup for the first time. Getting ready in the morning became creative and exciting.

Ralph Lauren Calfskin Traveler's Trunk

You get - Ten bottles of eau de parfum inside a handcrafted trunk.

It costs - $3,900 for the trunk; $240 for each fragrance ($6,300 as shown)

You'll keep coming back to - Sage, a mix of herb and fig that's warm and sexy and a little masculine

Scent collection - Amber, Lime, Magnolia, Orange Flower, Oud, Rose, Sage, Vetiver, White Lily, White Tea

Ralph Lauren Calfskin Traveler's Trunk

(Emerson, Ramona. "Phenomenon: Trunk Show." Allure Dec. 2016: 96-100)

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