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Louis Vuitton Les Parfums by Louis Vuitton - A new fragrance collection for women. This set of seven new perfumes, inspired by feminine flowers, was created by former Firmenich master perfumer, Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, Louis Vuitton's first in-house perfumer. The bottles resemble a classic apothecary jar in a variation of colored juices. Rose des Vents features three breeds of rose. Turbulences was inspired by jasmine and tuberose. Dans la Peau is a blend of narcissus, jasmine and a touch of leather. Apogee is a lily of the valley floral bouquet. Matiere Noire mixes white florals with patchouli. Mille Feux combines leather and Chinese osmanthus. And finally, Contre Moi in a strong vanilla. Launched in September 2016, and available in eau de parfum sprays. The fragrance campaign features actress Lea Seydoux. This is the first fragrance launched by the design house in 70 years. They previously released three fragrance prior to 1946, all of which are discontinued.

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Fragrance

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Perfume

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums - fragrance info

Perfume House Louis Vuitton
Introduced September 2016
Perfumer Jacques Cavallier
Scent Classification Various
Fragrance Notes Various notes - see descriptions below
Package Design Apothecary jar design with a variety of juice colors.
Print/TV Campaign Models - Lea Seydoux (2016)
Available Products Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz, 6.3 oz / $240-350

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Perfume Campaign

More Perfume Details

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums

"A journey that begins on bare skin. A collection of seven olfactory emotions. Intimate, abstract and metaphorical, travel is not a destination - it's a feeling. A continuous movement that nourishes body and spirit. Today, these suspended moments have inspired a new savoir-faire: Louis Vuitton perfume. A collection of seven creations signed by Maître Parfumeur Jacques Cavallier Belletrud." --louisvuitton.com

Rose des Vents Louis Vuitton Eau de Parfum
A whisper of petals opens up new horizons. A navigator's indispensable tool, the rose des vents - or compass - is the traveler's faithful companion. An olfactory guide, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud transports us to the middle of a field of roses in Grasse. Buffeted by the wind, this singular flower seems to breathe. Sleek and stately thanks to iris and cedar, this perfume takes on glazed accents as it comes into contact with pepper. Gradually, the composition becomes as delicate as the skin of a velvety fruit. As golden as the first light of day.

Notes: Centifolia rose absolute, Turkish rose essence, Bulgarian rose essence, Florentine iris, Virginia cedar

Turbulences Louis Vuitton Eau de Parfum
An extreme tuberose to stir the heart. Discovering faraway lands can sometimes feel like soaring among the clouds. Inspired by a feeling akin to love at first sight, the perfume Turbulences pays tribute to the most narcotic of flowers: the tuberose. Here, it fuses with the most precious petals of jasmine. A light touch of leather, and you swoon. Intensely. Deliciously.

Notes: Tuberose, Grasse jasmin grandiflorum, Chinese jasmine sambac absolute, May rose

Dans le Peau Louis Vuitton Eau de Parfum
An infusion of leather, an invitation to explore the senses, Traveling often has the power to embolden desire. Dans La Peau imprints on the skin like indelible ink. An exclusive infusion of natural leather from Louis Vuitton's workshops intertwined with accents of almost-candied apricot, jasmine from Grasse and sambac jasmine from China. Then absolute of narcissus appears, followed by a chorus of musk. Dans la Peau does not feign desire. It lays it bare.

Notes: Natural leather infusion, Grasse jasmine, narcissus absolute, musk, Chinese magnolia

Apogee Louis Vuitton Eau de Parfum
The lily-of-the-valley ascends to blissful heights. Some getaways let us reconnect with ourselves by placing us before the immensity of nature. The chance to commune with the planet feels like a renaissance. Apogée illustrates this sensation with a poetic elixir of innocence. A radiant lily-of-the-valley enlaces with petals of jasmine, magnolia and rose. A base of subtly smoky guaiac wood and sandalwood essence support the bouquet like slender stems reaching skyward.

Notes: Lily of the valley, Grasse jasmine, Chinese magnolia, gaiac wood, sandalwood essence

Contre Moi Louis Vuitton Eau de Parfum
An unexpected vanilla in a fusional embrace. Contre Moi evokes the fusion of two travelers. A sensual outpouring that lets emotions rush to the surface. Ever fascinated by vanilla, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud transports it to uncharted territory by giving it unprecedented freshness. Madagascar and Tahitensis vanilla blend in a delicate tulle of orange flower, rose and magnolia petals. A subtle touch of bitter cocoa reaffirms the perfume's rebellious temperament.

Notes: Madagascar vanilla infusion, Madagascar vanilla essence, Tahitnsis vanilla, orange blossom, Grasse rose centifolia, magnolia essence, ambrette seeds

Matiere Noire Louis Vuitton Eau de Parfum
A blend of dark wood and white flowers ventures into a world of mystery. Exploring the universe is the ultimate travel fantasy and most thrilling adventure. Matière Noire plumbs intangible depths with a journey through the darkest, most precious woods, namely patchouli and Laos agarwood. The agarwood's animal notes are intensified by blackcurrant and contrasted with the whiteness of narcissus and jasmine, a floral vibration that cuts the darkness like a comet. Plumes of sacred notes unfurl on the skin. The disruption is total, almost mystical.

Notes: Laos agarwood, jasmine sambac, narcissus, rose centifolia, cyclamen, patchouli, incense

(Source: us.louisvuitton.com 01/17)

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums - perfume editorials

Louis Vuitton Matiere Noire Perfume editorial
Allure - October 2019
Louis Vuitton Les Parfums

Karla Welch
This powerhouse stylist has a client list that includes Justin Bieber and Tracee Ellis Ross, and she's been a force in bringing social issues (like Time's Up) to the red carpet. Welch shares a few of her essentials for getting through a long day of fittings, plus her secret weapon for making high heels bearable.

"Louis Vuitton Matière Noire is a mix of masculine and feminine. ... Before a night out, I'll put the Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion on my clients' feet. It takes the aches out of wearing heels."
--Karla Welch

(Suico, Kathleen. "Dream Kit: Karla Welch" Allure Oct. 2019: 66)

Louis Vuitton Turbulences Perfume editorial
Glamour - April 2017
Louis Vuitton Les Parfums

Pretty, Please!
Three Glamour editors handpick their favorite spring styles just for you. First up: Monica Mendal's boho pieces.

Louis Vuitton Turbulences eau de parfum ($240 for 3.4 oz., louisvuitton.com

("Fashion: Shop the Trends - Pretty, Please!" Glamour Apr. 2017: 58)

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Perfume editorial Allure Phenomenon Fragrances
Allure - December 2016
Louis Vuitton Les Parfums

Phenomenon Trunk Show
Fifty lipsticks in a single set, makeup palettes with 100-plus shades, and fragrances by the suitcase. Enter a world of beauty where quality meets (so very much) quantity.

Louis Vuitton Fragrance Case
You get - A very swich monogrammed mini trunk that can hold three fragrances

It costs - $5,450 for the case, plus $240 for each Louis Vuitton Les Parfums scent

You'll keep coming back to - Dans la Peau, a sweetly soft mix of flowers and leather

Ralph Lauren Calfskin Traveler's Trunk:
$3,900 for the trunk; $240 for each fragrance

Bulgari Le Gemme Luxury Gift Set
$1,950 for the entire set

(Emerson, R. "Phenomenon: Trunk Show." Allure Dec. 2016: 96-100)

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