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Champa Organic Perfume by Red Flower - "The flower of golden light in bloom, a godly expression of nature. With champa flowers, mimosa, jasmine grandiflorum, osmanthus, rose geranium, ylang ylang, palmrossa and clove bud."

Perfume House   Red Flower
Introduced 2008
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Scent Classification Floral
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Fragrance Notes Champaca flowers, mimosa, jasmine grandiflorum, osmanthus, rose geranium, ylang ylang, palmrossa, clove bud
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Available Products Red Flower Champa - Perfume Spray 0.5oz ($186)
Red Flower Champa - Roll-On Perfume 0.3oz ($48)

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Champa Organic Perfume Concentrate
A pure flower and herb distillation. Hand and wild crafted in usda certified organic oil. Champa is the nature of spirituality an east indian tree in the magnolia family, the legendary champa is a native of the himalayas. When fully in bloom, champa trees are covered with thousands of golden yellow flowers with a powerful and diffusive fragrance red flower champa is a fruity, feminine floral. soft and sweet with a touch of white fruit, tropical rain water and a hint of green citrus. The flower of golden light, a godly expression of nature. With champa flowers, jasmine grandiflorum, rose geranium, ylang ylang, mimosa, osmanthus, palmarossa and rose absolute.

Apply with over wrists, neck and pulse points. created to offer a subtle gesture of the self and to touch the essence of the individual. Crystal cut glass vintage bottle and stopper made in France. 15 ml. Stainless steel roller ball applicator for smooth, sensual delivery. 10ml. Box is 80% recycled paper produced and printed at 100% wind-powered plant in USA.

Source: (Oct. 2011)

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Red Flower Champa Organic Perfume Perfume editorial Perfume Notes
InStyle - Nov 2015
Red Flower Champa Organic Perfume Perfume

Sense & Sensitivities
There are dozens of essential oils and natural blends that will appeal to your finely tuned nose. For something a little stronger and more complex, check out the heady creations.

If you like JASMINE
Pure oil - APOTHECARY SHOPPE Jasmine Sambac Absolute essential oil, $25/1 ml;

Natural blend - RED FLOWER Champa organic perfume, $186/15 ml;

Potent perfume - DIPTYQUE Jasmin Essences Insensees eau de parfum, $175/2.5 oz.;

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(Synnott, Amy. "Sense & Sensitivities." InStyle Nov. 2015: 161-164)

Champa Red Flower Organic Perfumes
Instyle - Oct 2011
Red Flower Champa Organic Perfume

Red Flower
Q. I'm pregnant and I've heard the chemicals in fragrances can be dangerous. Are essential oils my only option?
A. Not neccassarily. Wearing an occasional spritz of your usual scent shouldn't be harmful. "Unless you're regularily bathing in synthetic fragrances, you probably have nothing to worry about," says Jennifer Ashton, an obstetrician in Englewood, N.J. Still, if you're concerned about chemicals, there are plenty of natural and organic options these days. We think these three smell amazing. Red Flower Champa organic perfume concentrate, $186; Wholearth No. 9 Perfume Spray Certified Organic, $65; Honoré des Prés Vamp à NY, (Jessica Alba is a fan!) $98;

("Beauty: Q&A." InStyle Oct. 2011: 269.)

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